Tuesday, March 22, 2005

See Heather Run, Away From The Prez That Is, He's In ABQ Today As Firestorm Rages Over Social Security; Madrid Waits In Wings, And: The Blog Lampooned 

Heather, run as fast as you can. That's the advice the ABQ GOP Congresswoman is getting from some top politicos as President Bush pushes his hyper-controversial plan to "reform" Social Security at the Kiva Auditorium in downtown ABQ today. "This is only a loser for her," warned one GOP operative. "Privatizing Social Security is most unpopular with her core support group--senior citizens. If she embraces Bush on this she will finally have opened the possibility of a close re-election battle," he predicted.

That Alligator doesn't have to worry right now. Heather is bowing out of the Prez's visit today saying she has a previously planned "family trip." For now, she can hedge, but with national Dems determined to spend another zillion dollars to oust her it seems the day will inevitably come when she will have to give a straight answer to the question: "Do you favor allowing individuals to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in private accounts. Yes or no?" Until she answers that one the Gators will keep snapping.


As we blogged here and was reported in D.C.'s Roll Call, NM Dem Attorney General Patricia Madrid is weighing the possibility of taking on heavy hitter Heather in 06.' Here's an update from Scripps Howard's James Brosnanfollowing the action on Capitol Hill.

If she does take the dive, Madrid is in for the pounding of her life. The GOP will be merciless on her long ago record as district court judge, her current one as AG and her many campaign contributions. Heather is luring Patsy in by toying with her Social Security stance, but if the issue doesn't stick, the pickings may be slim for the feisty Madrid who has run for congress, governor, lt. gov as well as her present post. Is it worth it?


One guy who isn't hedging on Social Security is liberal Dem Senator Jeff Bingaman. The R's continue to vent on how Jeff can be so leftish in a state that went for Bush. But it's not stopping NM's junior senator from waving the flag. He will go full board against the Bush Social Security plan at a Dem meeting Wednesday at 7:00 PM at the UNM Law School. Bingaman burst onto the national scene this month when he co-sponsored a successful U.S. Senate amendment that spurned Bush's cuts to Medicaid. The R's may rule on the social issues, but the D's still own these entitlement programs which are so near and dear to constituents hearts. That includes thousands of Republicans who call themselves "conservatives."

Back to Heather, she sends us word that she's holding a big town meeting during the Congressional recess on....drumbeat please.....Medicare! What!? If you want to to see how Heather ignores the Social Security elephant in the room you can go to the insurance company sponsored meeting at the National Hispanic Cultural Center March 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


You might think our over the top blog with its "insiders" "Alligators" and wacky photos of Pam Andersen might be a hard one to spoof. But the talented lady at Quirky Burque takes us to new heights with this on target lampoon. Enjoy.

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