Thursday, March 03, 2005

The "Unknown Candidate" For Guv Surfaces, Plus: More Death Penalty Plotting, And: We Take You To Marty's Party 

The Unknown Candidate
I don't yet have the name. But I do have the scuttlebutt on a possible Republican candidate for Governor that reminds me a bit of Gary Johnson back in 1994. The "unknown candidate" being talked about is reportedly a wealthy Santa Fe doctor, perhaps relatively new to the state. Alligators on the R side have not been able to fill in the blanks and these rumblings come from the D camp. Anyone would probably be welcome by the candidate starved R's. So far, only 2002 contender John Sanchez has really indicated much interest and even he has yet to take the plunge. State Rep. Foley is another possible but, like Sanchez, does not put fear in the hearts of the party of the Donkey,

Maybe a rich Santa Fe doctor is just what the doctor ordered. When Gary ran in 94' he was completely unknown but was able to use his own money and personality to take the victory. Beating Big Bill will be a tall order for any R, but new blood might at least throw the D's a curve.


Insiders deep in the bowels of the Roundhouse (no guessing, please) say freshman ABQ NE Heights State Rep. Justine Fox-Young, freaked out over the heat she is taking for voting to abolish NM's death penalty, is preparing to ask for the measure to be reconsidered so she can change her vote and get back in the good graces of conservatives who are aghast that she turned on them after declaring in a newspaper candidate questionnaire that she would vote to uphold the penalty. It was a rookie mistake for the 25 year old. One of her mentors, Rep. Dan Foley, is trying to help her with damage control. There are very few single votes that can cost a state legislator their seat. Fox-Young picked one of them.


He may now be 53, but friends of ABQ Mayor Marty Chavez were not about to let him turn the calendar with a creak. They ensconced the city's chief exec in the ultra-hip atmosphere of the OPM bar in downtown Albuquerque last night and feted his honor who gracefully accepted the honor by foregoing the Grecian formula and letting the gray hang out.

The party had a quaint admission price: $53.00. But don't worry, my lifetime record of never paying to enter a political event is still intact. Posing as a delivery man never fails.

Bernalillo County Commissioner Tim Cummins was the big name R at the bash. And the Mayor didn't mind since the GOP has yet to field a serious foe against him. All the big dogs were there: Police Chief Gil Gallegos, Public safety boss Nick Bakkas and City Attorney Bob White. The incumbent's sole declared foe in the October election is City Councilor Eric Griego who is going to be mad when I report that the Chavez food was of high quality and there was plenty to go around. I reported that Eric's December kick-off party featured tacos and not enough of them. Of course, Griego could reprieve himself by throwing a free food bash to top his rival, but so far the food poll says Chavez is in the lead.

Marty's birthday buddies report that with his personal and political storms quieted for now and the opposition yet to show it has the muscle to take him out, he is much lighter on his feet and in a more relaxed frame of mind. Sometimes, it is good to be mayor.


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