Monday, April 25, 2005

ABQ Mayor's Race: Are We Going Wild & Crazy Yet? Plus: More On the MoveOn PAC Attack; What's Fair? Stand By For News..Blog Style 

Secretary Curry
Hey, let's get crazy! And there's no better place to do that than in a race for mayor of Albuquerque. Let's go to the videotape. The semi-implosion of the candidacy of City Councilor Eric Griego has worried some of his Dem liberal and progressive backers. After Griego filed a campaign finance report that was, to put it mildly, a mess, the name of Environment Secretary Ron Curry again floated up as a possible candidate who could attract liberal voters, and maybe even more.

Curry is not the conservative, Anglo Republican who could alter the dynamic of this race significantly, but he could offer an alternative to Griego who has work to do to alter the perception that he may not be ready for prime time. Curry sought the Dem nod for Sec. of State back in 90'. He also served in Santa Fe city government. He lives in ABQ making him eligible to run.


Meanwhile, the soap opera aspect of Mayor 05' hit again Friday night when Mayor Marty's ex-wife, Margaret Chavez, hit the airwaves of KOB-TV to again tease that she may run against her former husband. "We have a committee raising money and are doing some polling," she said. Her entry could turn the race into a circus with hungry media going back forth between the two used-to-be-marrieds. While a run may be a longshot, feisty Margaret is signaling that she will at the least play the part of major thorn in the mayor's side.


The top dogs at the MoveOn PAC in D.C. were quick to reply to our Thursday blog that pointed out that while both Congresswoman Wilson and Senator Bingaman voted for the new bankruptcy bill the PAC dislikes, only Heather was attacked for it by the PAC in paid radio in the NM market. The PAC says Senator Jeff, contrary to our implication, was not given special treatment. They say the MoveOn radio was only for U.S. House members. OK, I hear ya. When is the radio for the senators? The news release? Not that we're asking anyone to beat up on Jeff. But it was the Dem switches in the Senate that made passage of the bill possible. Yet MoveOn is going after House members like Wilson. Come on PAC men, both R's and D's, get straight with the voters and give them your true agendas.

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