Thursday, April 14, 2005

Exclusive: Get Out The Bongos! Big Bill To Start Music Commission; Nabs Another Journalist To Run It, Plus: Dyson Back To TV & East Mountain Intrigue 

Nancy Laflin
Big Bill has his dancin' shoes on again, and this time he's waltzing around the NM Legislature and creating a state music commission. This, despite the lawmakers rejection of the proposal during their last session. And that's not all. Our Guv, who dances to his own tune, is going to name veteran ace KOAT-TV crime reporter and New Mexico's best-known redhead, Nancy Laflin, to head up the tune shop. All this from our Santa Fe Alligators. Yes, another top journalist snared in the net of Big Bill. What's that make it? About 166 ex-scribes now toiling for the Guv?

Our sources also report there won't be much money going into the new commission and that eye-pleasing Nancy, who reportedly doesn't play in a band, but has a soothing TV and singing voice, will have to shake a leg to drum up some more gigs for state musicians.

The music commission idea fell on deaf ears at the Roundhouse, but rocker and Big Bill press secretary Billy Sparks is said to have been a prime mover behind this one. Will disgruntled lawmakers disrupt the melody when they hear the Big Guy is going around them? Probably not. Rock and Roll is here to stay. And so is Big Bill...at least for now.


Also from TV land comes word that there will be no age discrimination at KOB-TV. Our old colleague, (ok, not that old) Stuart Dyson, is returning to his alma mater as a beat reporter after finishing up a stint as a press aide to the state senate. Dyson started in radio back in 74', following me into KUNM-FM by three months. Stu, I scooped you again. Good Luck back at your old stomping grounds.


Rep. McCoy
ABQ GOP State Rep. Kathy McCoy just got elected, but she may be inheriting some of the intra-party strife that followed her GOP predecessor, Rep. Ron Godbey. Listen to this from a D.C. insider: "A little tip off. Corinne Foster, from Rep. Heather Wilson's office, left her job to work at the NM Legislature. She has made it known that she will run as an R for House district 22 against Kathy McCoy."

Godbey and McCoy crossed swords with the wing of the party led by lawyer-lobbyist Mickey Barnett and State Rep. Dan Foley. They tried to oust Godbey, who criticized that wing for supporting drug legalization, but were never able to.

Some more on this from our eastern Gator: "Pretty interesting. To me, this looks like the Barnett folks trying to make a move on McCoy after they couldn't beat her with Mario Burgos. Foster, like Burgos, is from New York and is new to the state."

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