Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The "Qwest" For A Deal; Big Bill Pressured On Buddy's Phone Deal, Plus: On The Media Beat; Fresh TV News Anchor And A Couple Of Newspaper Kates 

The Friday deadline for Big Bill to sign or veto bills passed by the Legislature looms large for those with a direct stake in the action. One measure opponents are trying to make the Guv squirm over (H.B. 256) would have his former Congressional staffer and now lobbyist Butch Maki set up a phone company with ex-Qwest executive John Badal to provide phone service on the Navajo reservation. The critics are railing that this one is a sweetheart deal; that the money for the new company called "Sacred Wind" would come from a fund previously paid into by Qwest customers to provide rural New Mexicans with phone service. That fund currently has $15 million in it that would be used by Maki & Co. The fund for rural New Mexicans would dry up because Qwest would no longer be required to put money in it. Hey, who said it's easy being Guv?

Nicole Brady
Downtown at the studios of KOB-TV, fresh-faced Nicole Brady is lining up new make-up kits as she prepares to become co-anchor for the new 4 p.m. newscast that channel 4 will unveil soon. She will co-anchor the broadcast with veteran Nelson Martinez. Insiders ask why not weekend anchor Kim Holland? Outsiders say: youth must be served.........Kate Nash can't seem to make up her mind. But her bosses at the ABQ Journal and Tribune don't seem to mind. The talented 28 year old is switching sides...again. After a two year stint with the Journal in Santa Fe, Nash will go back to where she was when she jumped ship--the Tribune. The Spanish speaking political junkie will replace Shea Andersen as the Trib's chief political reporter. She will remain in Santa Fe. Another Kate will be her boss, managing editor Kate Nelson, who reminds us that while there are two Kates, one is princess and the other is queen. Guess who's which......

Those of us seeking political news on the radio dial must be served as well, but there isn’t much to go around. The longtime exception and still going strong is the 5 p.m. news on KUNM 89.9 FM which dishes up a full half-hour of real New Mexico news, not just the blood and guts. Reporter Tom Trowbridge in Santa Fe is one of the contributors to the University of New Mexico public radio outlet. Worth checking out while your engine is idling.

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