Thursday, May 12, 2005

Big Bill Orders NM Dems To L.A. For Mayor's Race; Hispanic Leads There, And: Pearce's Cash Parties, Plus: So Much Other Stuff, We'll Blog On Friday 

Big Bill has given the order: Get to L.A.! The order went to several paid NM Democratic Party staffers as Dem Hispanic candidate Antonio Villaraigosa opened up an 11 point lead over incumbent Mayor James Hahn. Our insiders report there was some grumbling heard at party headquarters over the Guv's order, but Big Bill rules the roost and off they will go.

"About five staffers were shipped out to L.A. It is unusual for paid staff to be assigned work in another state and it did not sit well with everyone. But he is the governor and they are not going to say no to him," whispered an insider D.

Big Bill casts a wide net. If Villaraigosa wins next Tuesday he would be positioned to help the Guv in his 08' Prez bid. California is the mother lode of Hispanic votes, support Big Bill will need if his Prez bid is going to get any ballast in the years ahead.


Bob Schwartz will have to quit his good paying state job if he becomes an official candidate for he GOP nomination for attorney general. That's the word from insiders who tuned into our blog yesterday where we broke the Schwartz news. "The law says a state employee seeking a state office has to give up his state employment," said one lawyer who eyed our piece. Of course, Schwartz could be testing the waters and get out before officially getting in.

A top GOP consultant also reacted to our report saying he felt Schwartz would be the frontrunner for his party's nomination, despite his ties to the Dem Guv. "He has the name ID and I don't see any other significant candidates," opined our veteran politico, who also cautioned that "Schwartz beating the Democratic candidate is a whole other story."


When it comes to re-election, he's probably safer than a virgin in a house of eunuchs, but that's not stopping southern NM GOP Congressman Steve Pearce from passing the collection hat. Pearce played host to two big fundraisers this week in D.C., including one for the oil and gas industry which is prominent in his district. The other thousand a plate deal was for banking heavies. This was big national money pumped into the Pearce coffers, but there was a vague NM connection: one of the fundraisers was held at the "Tortilla Coast" restaurant.

Pearce had 59k in the bank before he started his lucrative week. No Dem has yet announced a challenge to the second term Rep, who is recovering from bad press he got when his press secretary plagiarized material for an opinion column under Pearce's name. One sarcastic Dem emails in with this revised take on an old saying: "Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, except Steve Pearce."


The NM GOP has its sate convention his weekend, Mayor Marty will announce his bid for re-election Saturday and tomorrow the feds announce whether any of NM's military bases are on the hit list for closure. How can we keep up?. Only one way. I will post a Friday blog, even though I am sworn to a four day work week here by the AFl-CIO. But when La Politica calls, we answer. Actually, we are such junkies it can be a whisper and we are in full gallop. See you back here tomorrow for our special, bonus Friday blog.

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