Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bob Schwartz Again Chases The Limelight, Big Bill Gets A Big Bill From His Comedy Writers, And: On The Media Beat On The Wednesday Blog 

Bob Schwartz
He has a nice, cushy state job as crime adviser to Big Bill. And he's pretty lucky too since Bob Schwartz is a Republican in a Democrat administration. But Schwartz is a restless soul and announced Tuesday he will be undoing his comfort zone and seeking the GOP nomination for NM attorney general next year. Here's the take, direct from one of our Alligators on the scene:

"Schwartz told a group of Sigma Chi alumni that he is running for attorney general. He made the statement at their luncheon in Albuquerque. Not sure how he will be received, especially after working for Richardson," penned our GOP Gator.

Schwartz, a former two term Bernalillo County district attorney, ran a close second for ABQ mayor four years ago. He has heavy name ID in the city, not much statewide. He may have competition for the GOP nomination. Insiders say ABQ attorney Nelson Spear is also eying a run. Working for Big Bill may have strengthened Scwartz's D credentials, but it may be a hindrance when the maverick politico seeks all GOP votes next June.

Whoever gets the nomination will be the underdog against the Dem who will emerge from a crowded field already off and running. Finally, will Schwartz be able to keep his good-paying job with Big Bill, even though the Guv has several Dem friends seeking the top legal post? Stay tuned.


Here's one completely relatable to the common man in New Mexico. NOT. It turns out Big Bill's campaign fund paid $12,000 to a couple of comedy writers for that funny send-up he did at the recent Washington Gridiron dinner. Please Big Bill, if you need jokes in the future, save your money. Just read aloud some of the political headlines from our Enchanted State. That will have America laughing in the aisles. Meanwhile, twelve grand for comedy writers has them groaning from Bayard to Bloomfield.


Running a TV station isn't what it used to be. It takes a ton of dough to keep them and their news departments going, not to mention fending off competition from digital video recorders and the internet. For those reasons and more, Emmis Communications a mid-sized company, is looking at selling its 16 TV stations, including ABQ CBS affiliate KRQE which it acquired from Lee Enterprises a couple of years ago. May ratings sweeps are now underway. KRQE is a close second to KOB-TV in the 10 p.m news race.

KAGM-FM morning man Larry Ahrens, confirms that GOP Santa Fe City Councilor David Pfeffer is making the rounds and eying a possible run for the R nomination to take on incumbent Dem U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman. "He's a recent convert to the R's, has been chatting up GOP party activists and will form an exploratory committee in the very near future" reports Larry, who adds, "Alligators are everywhere!" Indeed they are Larry. And they swim the fastest in the waters of their beloved La Politica.

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