Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hey You, Get Outta The Pool! We've Got Politics To Catch Up On. It's Diane D, TV Ratings And More On Your Post-Holiday Blog 

Light Guv Diane Denish is apparently trying to beef up her Hispanic credentials as she hits the airwaves with a public service announcement that she narrates all in Spanish and that airs on non-Spanish TV. That's unusual for an Anglo politician in NM, most of whom shy away from speaking in their non-native tongue for fear of offending the truly practiced. Denish seems to pull it off OK, if haltingly. Her past relationships with prominent Hispanics, such as AG Patricia Madrid and ex Sec of State Stephanie Gonzales, have been testy. She also had run-ins with prominent Hispanic males during her time as chair of the state Dem party. Thus far, she is unchallenged for the 06' Dem nomination to go another four as Big Bill's number two. Insiders say that could change, but don't expect a big name Hispanic to take her on now that Madrid has apparently declined. Still, expect the Hobbs native to continue her bridge building to NM Hispanics.

The Spanish TV PSA is one of a gazillion Big Bill and Diane seem to be on these days. Some of them are provided free by the TV's, but most are paid for with the money coming from various taxpayer funded government programs. The omnipresent Bill and Diane ads add up to a decided advantage for the duo, who await word from the R's on who will oppose them next year.


Did you know that Diane Denish has a house in each of the state's three congressional districts? Hey, if the Light Guv gets bored there's always options, like a seat the U.S. House. But it's the Roundhouse in Santa Fe that remains her dream home.


It's a ratings repeat in local TV land. In the May sweeps, KOB barely beats KRQE to take top honors for 10 p.m. news watchers, results very similar to February's ratings battle. KOAT languishes in third place, but has shown a bit of progress since bottoming out a year ago. In the 6 p.m. news race, KOAT takes the top spot, but not by much over second place KOB. My TV insiders also report KRQE has the top-rated noon news broadcast in the NM market, now ranked 48th in the nation.


Speaking of TV, one of the cool things being done at the city of ABQ government channel is the live streaming of all city council and county commission meetings The channel, GOV-16, is available only to subscribers of Comcast Cable, but now even non-subscribers can get to see the government meetings live, or watch them later just by going to the Web site. Why can't Santa Fe do this? Big Bill vetoed a bill that would have put up $50 grand to get the Legislature streamed on the Net. At least in Bernalillo County we are seeing how easily it can be done.


Heather Wilson's foray into the debate over women in combat has won her some national attention, albeit a bit mixed. In a Washington Post report the ABQ GOP Congresswoman is dubbed "obstinate" by her majority leader in the GOP controlled U.S House. The Post dubs Wilson a "relative moderate," a term that aptly describes her as she continues, after seven years in the House, trying to balance the moderate bias of her district against her often conservative instincts. It seems with the House taking up even more controversial issues, such as banning stem-cell research, that Wilson, by comparison, will seem even more "moderate."

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