Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The NM Fundraising Mania; Here To Stay? Plus: A Young Dem Leader Talks Iraq, And: My Bottom Lines For A Hot New Mexico Tuesday 

Big Bill
The stunning sums being raised for Big Bill's re-elect (already $3 million) has some members of the permanent political establishment wondering and worrying if one the Guv's lasting legacies will be outrageously high dollar cocktail parties and dinners. New Mexico's next big fundraiser isn't actually for the Guv, but for New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer who is running for governor. The top ticket price of $15,000 is a new and dubious high water mark in the constant cash chasing. According to the party invitation dropped my way, Big Bill and Santa Fe developer Gerald Peters have set the top giving levels at $15k, $8,000 and $4,000. You can either donate one of those amounts yourself or pledge to raise it. A single. lowly guest ticket will even set you back 500 bucks which these days is political chump change.

"The lobbyists and others who must give or risk a cold shoulder are feeling the pain," one Santa Fe Alligator reports. "They have to come up with the cash and that hurts. And they wonder if the money raising standards the governor has set will stick and that in in the future they will be expected to hand out this kind of money to other politicians,"

The money being raised by the politicos demonstrates the gap between the haves and the have nots in New Mexico and the nation. Obviously, it's never been greater.


Where have the young Dems been on the defining issue of their time, the Iraq war? It's the question we heard from senior Dems and blogged about Monday. Well, some of them have been speaking out but, emails former NM Young Dem Prez Sisto Abeyta of ABQ's South Valley, the media hasn't been listening. He reports he submitted three articles to the media, including one on the recruitment of students for the war in low-income communities. The 27 year old Veguita, NM native also pointed out that during his tenure it was the young Dems who brought anti-war activist Michael Moore into ABQ for the 04' campaign. Abeyta says the young Dems referenced their anti-war belief in their platform and that the media has not picked up on it and that includes your humble blogger. He's right. Coverage of those against the Iraq was has been off the radar screens. That's a long way from the coverage awarded our last controversial conflict--Vietnam.


Heard on the street: Fred Peralta, head of NM Expo, as a possible for the 06' Dem nomination for State Land Commissioner. "He's not adverse to having his name floated," reports a friend....Buyers of commercial time on Clear Channel radio stations in ABQ are being told many of the stations are "sold-out." There's not a sudden boom in advertising, but a cutback in the number of commercials the stations are willing to air. "The radio audience is drifting away and reducing commercials is become a necessity to keep our audience," explained one ad exec. He's right. I'm an XM Satellite subscriber and love it.....Heard on Letterman: "Robert Blake is considering taking another shot at marriage...And finally, as radio's Jim Villanucci says, "Here's a shameless commercial plug." It's summer driving season and our sponsor, Enterprise rent-a-car, is ready to handle all your needs. Just click on their name and rent a car quick and go anywhere. Enjoy.

Back at you tomorrow as we close in on the holiday weekend. As always, thanks for your company and don't forget to email me your news and comments.

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