Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Power Lunch With Pete & Weh Fails To Persuade Potential Mayor Candidate, Plus; Wife Of Sen. Cisneros Attacks Him With Hammer; Smashes Car of Gal Pal 

Ann Rhoades
A political power lunch Tuesday at the downtown ABQ Hyatt hotel featuring NM GOP senior U.S. Senator Pete Domenici, NM GOP Chair Allan Weh and the object of their charms, GOP businesswoman Ann Rhoades, failed to give birth to a mayoral candidacy, report Alligators directly on the scene.

"It's late in the game and apparently Weh is trying to get something going. The R's have no candidates for U.S. senate, governor or mayor. Rhoades may have been a last-ditch hope to get in on the main political action this year. But Rhoades is not biting. She is a successful businesswoman and does not see the point of making a run for a job that takes much and gives back little," reported one reliable source.

The mayoral election is October 4. No Republican has entered the race. Mayor Marty is the secure frontrunner with $400k in the bank and total name ID. That is making it difficult for the R's to find a candidate.

I spoke briefly with Rhoades' husband over the weekend. He told me running for mayor "isn't something we plan on doing." The reports from the power lunch confirm that Rhoades, a leading human resources consultant who made a ton of money when she got in on the ground floor of Jet Blue airlines, is not about to be lured into the $95,000 a year mayoral chair.


GOP Gators report Rhoades has never held elective office and is the daughter of the late lobbyist Harold "Doc" Weiler. She served with Weh on the board of the University of New Mexico Foundation. But it appears Chairman Weh will have to go back to his rolodex if he is to find a viable GOP candidate for the top job in NM's largest city. Pete, of course, is no stranger to city politics having started his career on the old ABQ city commission in the 60's and later having a hand in city hall thru onetime aide and two-term Mayor Harry Kinney.

But the path to renewed city hall power for Pete and the R's is blocked by a well-financed incumbent, fear that getting elected mayor is the end of a political career, not the beginning, and by the simple lack of interest in trying to run a city whose politics have become very nasty. Still, a few sands are left in the hourglass for Pete and Weh. But they are falling rapidly.


Sen. Cisneros
There's a new entry in the category: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." It's Patsy Cisneros, wife of Taos area Dem State Senator Carlos Cisneros. Cops say she attacked Carlos with a hammer Monday night and then proceeded to smash up a car belonging to the husband of the senator's lady friend outside of a Taos area cabin. The senator was not seriously injured. No, I do not make this stuff up!

A Taos police report says 50 year old Patsy was arrested at a cabin belonging to Molycorp, the company at which Cisneros works. The senator was apparently sharing company there with one Denise Ortega. The gal pal was was uninjured in the fracas, but Patsy is alleged to have smashed in a car windshield and back windows. And that's not all. Cops report Patsy "The Hammer" Cisneros also flailed away at the bedroom door of the cabin.

Carlos must be one hard-headed guy to go unharmed from a hammer attack, but no matter how tough he is he has met his match in Patsy. She's a keeper, Carlos, so get with the program. Viva La Politica! Viva Nuevo Mexico!

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