Thursday, May 19, 2005

Winter In The Fall? GOP Renews Hunt For ABQ Mayor Contender; Plus: Madrid's Money, And: Big Bill "Tagged" 

Brad Winter
Republican leaders met with moderate GOP ABQ City Councilor Brad Winter Wednesday in what appears to be a last ditch effort to get one of their own in the 2005 ABQ mayor's race. Winter's name was floated earlier this year, but he shut down the speculation. This time he told me he is more receptive and a run is not out of the question. He said he is "listening to supporters" who are urging him to get in the contest and saying that as the only R in the race he would easily make a run-off. If no candidate gets 40% of the vote October 4th, a run-off election would be held a month later.

Top R's met earlier this month with businesswoman Ann Rhoades but she did not take the bait. The GOP leaders see incumbent Mayor Marty vulnerable to a strong R challenge, but in the past moderate Winter has attracted foes in the GOP's hard right wing. That wing will have to be pacified and kept out of the action. If the party cannot unite behind one candidate, victory is improbable.

Winter is the senior member of the ABQ city council serving his second term from the GOP heavy ABQ Northeast Heights. He works for the ABQ public schools and recently married utility attorney Nan Houliston, who is also politically agile having toiled for many years at City Hall.

The Chavez camp can only hold its breath now. The Alligators who run the numbers say Winter, barring a terrible campaign, would have baseline support of at least 25%, enough to send the race and him to a run-off. Some of them even think Winter has the potential to take the whole enchilada in the initial going if everything were to break his way. A decision from the man whose critics call indecisive is just days away.

If Winter is waiting to hear guarantees of success he will be waiting a long time. No one hands you the power and glory of La Politica. You must dare to earn it. Stay tuned.


The Alligators who monitor the money in New Mexico politics are musing about the $126,000 Dem Attorney General Madrid recently reported she had in her political action committee. "She can only use that money is state race. She could not transfer it to a federal account to use against (GOP U.S. Rep.) Heather Wilson. And it's very interesting that she says, 'I intend to become much more active in raising money in this PAC.' What is she intending to do with that money? It will be interesting to see." Indeed it will, Mr. Gator.

Madrid's friends say she has made no decision on a run for another office in 06' and it's possible she will sit out the cycle. Patsy was unapologetic about her PAC getting donations from law firms that did business with the state, but you can already see the GOP consultants gathered in the TV studio with that ammo.


Folks in Taos know who is running for Prez as you can see in this photo snapped by a northern Alligator. It's politically correct too. No Big Bill license plate on a foreign car. That's an all American Ford pick-up sporting the prez plate. But the Guv's 2006 re-elect slogan, "Moving NM Forward," is nearly identical to Toyota's new line: "Moving Forward."

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