Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Big Bill Under the Scope In New Hampshire, Plus: Roberto's Back, And: TV Sports Dean Hangs Up The Cleats To Join News Wars 

Big Bill
The scrutiny will get a bit more intense now as Big Bill steps on to the soil of the Granite State today and begins to float his name for the 08' Dem Prez nod. New Hampshire is a quirky place that will give our Guv the once over and start asking whether the party is ready for a Hispanic candidate, whether Big Bill is "Democratic" enough because he boasts about cutting taxes and also scrutinize his appearance. The disheveled look plays fine at home, but the Yankees in the Northeast may flinch. Veteran political writer Steve Terrell of the New Mexican is tagging along with the Big Guy who hs to respin some national pundits who are starting to label him as a more likely VP pick than a contender for the top spot.


Roberto Mondragon was once vice-president of a sort. Well, Lt. governor of New Mexico anyway. The former number two under ex-Governor King has resurfaced with a high paying job with the State Engineer's office. Roberto, a water expert? He will be a "Special Water Projects Coordinator" at 75k a year, according to the engineer's office which says he will help the public understand "complex" water issues. But how he got the job is quite simple. Any friend of Big Bill is also a qualified state employee. The job party continues!

Mike Powers
The man who has occupied an anchor chair in the NM TV market for more consecutive years than anyone else is making a big switch come August. KRQE-TV's Mike Powers, calling the big plays at the station since 1985, is hanging up his cleats. But he isn't giving up that anchor chair. He will join the news wars as a co-anchor for the CBS affiliate's morning and noon news broadcasts. I don't know about Powers' nose for news, but he is the area's best on the sports beat, as addicted to his mission as you political junkies. I worked with him in his first years at 13 and was impressed as he covered the great sport of golf consistently. (No boos please). I still turn to Powers to give me the latest on he PGA Tour, so while we wish him well in his new venture, we urge the new guy or gal--don't know who it is yet--to not abandon Mike's passion for the links.

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