Thursday, July 14, 2005

"Lightning Rod" Adair Is On The Air, Condi Deflates Big Bill, And: Alligators Still Eyeing McClure For Cabinet 

"Lightning Rod" Adair
Hyper-controversial State Senator "Lightning Rod" Adair will soon be on the air. Perhaps New Mexico's severest media critic, the Roswell GOP lawmaker will host a weekly radio show on Friday mornings on new radio station KEDU-LP 102.3 FM in Ruidoso. The "LP" stands for "low power." KEDU is one of the newly licensed low power FM stations made available by the Federal Communications Commission to provide local programming to underserved parts of the U.S. population. Adair's caustic commentaries have entertained and stung politicos across our Enchanted Land. His near fistfight with then House Speaker Raymond Sanchez is legendary. When I first started this blog I got similar treatment when I ran into Lightning Rod at Yanni's restaurant in ABQ. He was hot under the collar because I had carried speculation that he might not seek re-election. We've been friends ever since. Not! Even though Rod is on a low-powered station you will still be able to get an Adair fix from anywhere you wish. The program will also be Webcast from the KEDU Web site linked above.


Condi kinda let the air out of Big Bill's balloon, didn't she? Over the weekend Sec. of State Rice announced North Korea would rejoin nuke talks with other nations. This, on the heels of the news that Big Bill had received overtures from North Korea for a meeting. Maybe that meeting will still take place, but Condi's announcement was a clear reminder that the international stage belongs to Rice and the R's. Hey, that's what happens when you win an election.


She's getting closer. We're talking about Beverlee McClure who the Alligators have been pinpointed as the favorite for the new Secretary of Higher Education position in big Bill's cabinet. Do they have it right? Well, the five finalists have been announced and Beverlee, president of Clovis Community College has made the cut. If she gets the big prize it will be one of the earliest calls in Gator history. Stay tuned.


A tip of the hat to our sponsor, State Senator Pete Campos from Las Vegas, NM. Pete has been with us since last year, helping defray the cost of this enterprise and we appreciate his support. Heck, we don't even say nice things about him. In fact, we often disagree on the big issues. But Pete and I agree this place is all about keeping the politics going, not playing favorites. If you or someone you know would like to advertise here, just drop us an e-mail. Meantime, thanks Pete.

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