Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Nice Work If You Can Get It; NM Bush Campaign Workers Cash In, Plus: Heather's Pay Hike, And: Some Post-Holiday Political Potpourri 

Heads up all you aspiring young politicos. Don't get scared away from campaigns by the crazy personalities, odd hours and iffy pay. The payoff is still there if you're lucky enough to play for the winning team. For inspiration just take a look at the crop from the NM Bush-Cheney 04' campaign.

Shawn Sullivan, former NM GOP deputy director and Bush 04' senior field director, is now a senior advisor to an assistant secretary of defense. Scott Jennings, who was pulled into NM from Kentucky as NM director of Bush-Cheney, is now associate political director at the White House. Ken Spain, former Bush NM communications director, is now deputy chief staff for Rep. Mike Conaway of Midland, TX. Sara Lister, a Bush-Cheney deputy director, is back running Sen. Pete's PAC and also fundraising for ABQ mayoral hopeful Brad Winter. And Scott Darnell, Chris Atencio and Alexis Valdez, all former NM field Directors for "Victory '04," are working as field directors for the NM GOP.

Even controversial and hot button political player Jay McCleseky landed himself a nice plum job. The former Republican National Committee consultant for the Bush campaign is now the RNC regional political director for the Southwest. One of th alumni tells me "it's safe to say most of us will b back ont he campaign trail nextyear." And why not. To the victor go the spoils. Indeed.


Being a U.S. Rep still isn't a bad way to bring down a sizable paycheck. And apparently ABQ GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson thinks her constituents understand. She was the only New Mexico Rep to vote in favor of a recent pay raise. Dem Rep Udall and the GOP's Pearce declined the extra cash. The raise passed on a 263-152 vote and will hike the salaries of House members and senators by about 1.9 percent to $165,200. If Heather is running scared in 06,' she isn't showing it.


For some bizarre reason voter ID has become an issue in he ABQ mayor's race. The ABQ Tribune's Erik Siemers and I talked about it resulting in his dispatch explaining the political ins and outs on this first headline grabber of the 05' campaign.

Meanwhile, Trib political reporter Kate Nash wonders about proposals in Washington to regulate blogs and bring them under the wing of the Federal Election Commission. So do I and we get together on it in her latest column.

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