Thursday, July 07, 2005

Those Old North Korean Blues; Does Big Bill Have The Cure? Plus: Eli's Coming; Gadfly Launches Bid For Guv, And: More On That Stinky APD Scandal 

"The only North he ought be worried about is Northern New Mexico," quipped a veteran GOP operative upon learning the news that Big Bill may again be called to diplomatic service by the bizarre government of North Korea. But a top D spun right back that Big Bill has had past success with the North Koreans, did not initiate the latest call, they did, and if he can help head off nuclear confrontation he should be allowed to do so without political nitpicking. "This is welcome news for him. Maybe some R's are upset that it may take the focus off his problems with the jet plane purchase and the speeding issue. But it reminds New Mexico that it has a governor who commands respect outside of the state," spun our D informer.

The Guv's office low-keyed the announcement and noted they would take their cue from the Bush Administration in going forward with any meeting in North Korea. The controversial $5.5 million planned jet plane purchase was not completely forgotten in the midst of the North Korean announcement Wednesday. KKOB-AM radio newsman Larry Mohlenbrink and I wondered aloud before a radio interview whether the new jet will be in service in time to take the New Mexican entourage on the Korean diplomatic mission. I don't think the turboprop would make it," mused Larry.


Meanwhile, up in northern New Mexico Eli Chavez, who turned on Big Bill after the Guv opposed his bid for the ABQ Congressional seat, tells the Rio Grande Sun in Espanola he will launch an independent bid for Guv next year. The political gadfly unleashed a stream of invective against the Guv that reveals the hurt: "I call him 'Governor Greed,'" Chavez said. "He is a greedy bloodsucker. He's chewed up New Mexicans and spit them out and doesn't look back. "Look at that airplane. All I can see is it flying to Iowa and New Hampshire," Chavez said, tying together the state's planned purchase of a new jet with Richardson's rumored presidential ambitions." If there's no children reading the blog today, click here for the full piece.


It's one of the stinkiest cop scandals in state history, the infamous APD evidence room scandal whose perpetrators go unaccountable and unprosecuted. And the stench keeps getting worse. Two former employees of the room have been busted for forging drug prescriptions--This, mind you, in no way relates to the evidence scandal. It's just two wayward villians. At least that's the spin from the powers-that-be.

New APD Chief Ray Schultz has his hands full. How can he restore trust in light of the ongoing scandal? Longtime APD critics continue to haunt him too. Take this missive from a Web site called realcrimes.com.which was regularly updating what they deem APD misbehavior. They are passing around this April 17, 2001 entry: "Deputy Chief Ray Schultz announced that eight to ten APD officers faced punishment for a 1999 plot to illegally steal premium satellite television service by downloading computer software that allowed them to reprogram subscription cards. Schultz stated that none of the officers would be dismissed, but would be “reminded that they shouldn’t do things like that. Sound familiar?


At least the chief can afford to take the heat. It turns out he is now the highest paid city employee, pulling down over 123K a year. KOB-TV's Neil Simon has been running the numbers and has the other highest paid city workers.

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