Friday, August 19, 2005

First Mayoral Poll To Hit Sunday; We Will Post Results Here And Then Have Full Coverage From My Top Experts Monday 

Mayor Marty
The first and anxiously awaited numbers on the four way race for ABQ mayor will hit the streets Sunday. That's when veteran pollster Brian Sanderoff releases his results in the ABQ Journal. Most observers were expecting the poll to come the last week in August or on Labor Day weekend. Sanderoff told me the paper decided to go earlier this go around because of increased interest in the race.

Sanderoff was in the field this week. Mayor Marty is the only candidate with TV up and a mail campaign so this poll will be more like a referendum on him, rather than a gauge of the competition. The early polling could also be to his benefit. I will post the numbers here Sunday with a brief analysis and will have a team of experts analyze the results in-depth on the Monday blog. Several of them have already told me they are curious to see if Mayor Marty significantly penetrates the key 40% level of support. If no candidate gets 40% on Oct 4 there would be a run-off election in November. These insiders say the Mayor's first number could be his best as well-known incumbents traditionally do no pick up support as they head into the heat of the campaign. Be sure to be with us Monday for all the angles on this one!

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