Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It's A Dance Around Our State; From Cruces To Farmington To Santa Fe; We have The Inside Scoops; You've Arrived At Ground Zero For New Mexico Politics 

Senator Nava
Word comes today from reliable sources way down south that State Senator Cynthia Nava (D-Dona Ana), chair of the powerful Senate Education Committee, may have more politics on her hands in her job as associate superintendent in the troubled Gadsden Independent School District than she does in the often treacherous hallways of the Merry Roundhouse. We go direct to Cruces for the insider report:

"Joe, There has been chaos down here. The Gadsden school superintendent has been fired and there is a move to recall the entire school board. Caught up in it is Senator Nava. She has an $88,000 a year job and one of the factions is gunning for her. They are saying she has not spent enough time on the job and that the Legislature gets more attention. Cynthia had a bout with cancer which put her on the sidelines for a time, but her enemies don't want to hear it and are keeping up the drumbeat," informed our source.

You can read more about the troubled condition of the Gadsden district on the Texas-NM border and headquartered in Sunland Park, NM here and here. Meanwhile, we'll do our best to keep you posted on Cynthia's saga. By the way, Nava sponsored one of the hottest bills to make it thru the last Legislature. The measure prohibits the denial of admission to a university or eligibility for in-state tuition on account of a student's immigration status.


Also from Dona Ana county comes scuttlebutt about who the D's can put up against GOP incumbent Congressman Steve Pearce. The latest big name: State Rep Joe Cervantes of Las Cruces, chair of the House Judiciary Committee. "They are talking him up, but I think its doubtful he will take the bait," said our Dona Ana insider. I would be surprised too if Cervantes made the move. What, give up the committee chairmanship for a very likely ill-fated run against conservative Pearce? But the D's are desperate down south and any possibility gets mulled over.

Back here in River City, the name of Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron is again popping up as a possible 06' D opponent for GOP incumbent Heather Wilson. That is if Dem AG Patsy Madrid declines to make the run. Each would have an uphill battle. But the loser could lay claim to a future federal race for the D's, or so goes the wishful thinking. If Rebeca did go it would be her second time out. She got shellacked by the late Congressman Steve Schifff back in the old days.


Farmington urologist Dr. Allen McCulloch and I finally touched base. No, the old prostate is doing fine, thank you. We were following up on our Monday exclusive that the doc was considering a run for the GOP nomination against Dem U.S Senator Jeff Bingaman. He told me he is "very serious" about this and will make a final decision at the "end of the month." He also told me he was not ready to talk about the issues yet. Another major league GOP player told me that he has advised McCulloch to start raising as much money as he can. Easier said than done.


And finally, from Santa Fe an energtic spinner for the embryonic campaign of Dem attorney general possible Geno Zamora twirls the blog with this rejoinder: "In just two months, Geno has raised over $100,000 (I have verified this figure with the campaign). This is a significant number when you consider that Geno has never run for office before. Geno has quickly eliminated any financial advantage that his primary opponents may have had," spun the spinner.

But tell that to ABQ Dem State Rep Al Park who has also raised well north of 100k for the AG contest. Geno is a former state lawyer for Big Bill. (Sean Marcus, a former Clinton and Big Bill appointee is Zamora's fundraiser) Park is known as one of NM's bright, young bulbs. There are other strong candiates running too. It will be a banner race and we'll will watch it for you right here.

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