Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Possible Foe For Heather As National D's Cry Over Her Free Ride, Plus: Ben Alexander Lives! And: My Bottom Lines For A Bloggin' Tuesday 

After last week's big news broke here that Dem AG Madrid was not a likely challenger to ABQ GOP U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson, we sat back and waited for someone, anyone, to emerge to take her on. Well, we have a possible taker in one Chris Berkheimer, Big Bill's former chief deputy of homeland security, an Iraq war veteran from the first Gulf War and unsuccessful challenger in 04' to ABQ R State Senator Diane Snyder. He has an eye on the race, say those who should know, and has put out feelers to national Dems who are in a pickle now that Patsy appears to be out. Berkheimer would face the usual money chase challenge in taking on an incumbent, but politics is timing and with the war out of control as well as gas prices, the race may be looking more attractive even to relative unknowns who may see an opportunity to tie Heather into the unpopular policies.

Meanwhile, our report that Heather could get the first free ride of her career got the juices flowing among Dems around the country who can't stand the thought. Some inisive commentary on the matter at the Talking Points Memo Cafe


We argued with our Alligator friend about it, but in the end accepted his verdict that former NM Dem party chair and notable Hobbs oilman Ben Alexander had passed away. We reported as much recently when writing about SE NM politics. That Gator is now on his way to the woodshed, or a dirty swamp because Ben, according to friends, is now 85 and very much alive and well and living in Lubbock, Texas. We are glad he is and we extend our apologies to him and his family. By the way, Ben was Dem chair back in the 70's.


Larry Morgan is another New Mexico political old timer who in alive and well and following the Cannon Air Force Base situation. As a former aide to the late Dem U.S. Congressman Harold Runnels (yes, he is really dead) Larry hs keen insights. Here's his reaction to our report Monday on tension between Big Bill and the state's congressional delegation over Cannon's fate: "When Governor Richardson served in the U.S. House of Representatives representing the 3rd District he frequently played lone wolf and his relationship with other members of the NM Delegation was distant. So tension between Richardson and the members is nothing new."

Finally, Tim McGivern, editor of ABQ's alternative newspaper, Weekly Alibi, weighs in with his thoughts on the October 4 mayoral election which we blogged heavily here last Monday: "(Councilor Brad) Winter and (CouncIlor Eric) Griego should both be hitting the West Side with their message. That's where the race will be won, I think. Brad and Eric need to cut into Marty's tenuous support out there. It should be easier for Brad to make a dent in the West Side because he is well-regarded as a conciliator and people are sick of the squabbles that haven't delivered the planning they want. But his campaign needs to pump some wind into its sails." Thanks Tim. Whether Marty's West Side support is "tenuous" is the question. He has long ties to the area having represented it as a state senator back in the 90's.

Your emails filled with comments, criticism, news, and eternal wisdom are welcomed. Back here on Wednesday when I hope to finally update the debate over the ABQ minimum wage.

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