Monday, June 05, 2006

Primary Election Eve 06'; Just A Day Left To Close The Deal, Plus: Our Pundits Predict Today At 5 p.m. On KANW 89.1 FM, And: Fun Stuff From The Trail 

Less than twenty-four little hours. That's all the candidates have left to convince Mr. and Mrs. New Mexico that they deserve a place on the brightly lit stage of La Politica. The verdict of the people will be carried out dispassionately and, in some cases, mercilessly, as they decide who deserves to advance to November's main event.

Recently, emotionalism has developed over the incompetent distribution of those state voter ID cards; cards that are not required to vote and should never have been approved by the Governor and the NM Legislature. The mishap should not lead New Mexicans to believe the legitimacy of this election is in doubt nor discourage them from casting their ballots. Our election process, like every other human undertaking, contains flaws, but it is not riddled with fraud.

Republican U.S. Attorney David Iglesias formed a special task force to detect voter fraud in the 2004 NM election. It found nothing significant. He should continue his work in that regard. But "vote-buying" and counting the votes without glitches are the more serious concerns our state faces. Now, let's get out on the campaign trail...


Well, the fun stuff always comes at the end, doesn't it? Take a look at this flyer (part one) for district judge candidate Betsy Musselman up in Taos. Do you think it's hard hitting enough? (part two) This is a five way race for the Dem nomination for the judgeship vacated by the well-respected Peggy Nelson.

Big Bill appointed former Taos D.A. John Paternoster to fill the vacancy in April. No R is running in November so the winner Tuesday takes the whole enchilada. It should be a fun one to watch Election Night.


I'll see if I can get some top politicians to commit to predicting the key races when we present our traditional pre-game show at 5 p.m. today on KANW 89.1 FM, heard throughout north-central NM. ABQ Dem State Senator James Taylor, who lives and breathes campaigns, will be paired with GOP State Senator John Ryan who has the inside scoop on all the GOP action. Billy Sparks, former press aide to Big Bill, has lengthy experience in national and state campaigns and we're also anticipating his insights.

Top lobbyist Scott Scanland has worked NM elections with me as our chief political analyst for at least 15 years. A native New Mexican, Scanland has keen insight into the legislature and an enviable record for predicting winners. Tune in today and see how Scott and the rest of panel fare this time.

KANW-FM Election Night Coverage begins at 6:30 Tuesday and goes all night long. We thank our sponsors--Enterprise rent-a-car, Ladera Golf and the Bill Campbell Agency, Realtors for their support of public radio.


Those campaign reports due Thursday at the secretary of state's office could not be posted on the Web for the political types anxiously awaiting them. Here's what went wrong. The reports are now available for publci viewing.


Bob Schwartz has ended his political career with $523.82 in the bank. You probably won't see it donated to the Republican party which dissed him at its pre-primary nominating convention earlier this year when not enough R's voted to give him a place on Tuesday's ballot. Schwartz might consider giving his leftover funds to Big Bill who has rehired him to a state government position. But with over $5 million in the bank, the Guv might not notice. How about a donation to the Marty Chavez for Governor Committee? You can never plan too early, Bob.


"Jerry the Cat"
While some of the major statewide candidates are making nasty in the final hours, Dem land commissioner contenders Ray Powell and Jim Baca are actually making nice. Well, mostly Powell. In his final missive, Ray e-mails that "regardless of who the winner is, it will be a unified Democratic effort to take back the Land Office in the general election. We have both committed to support the winner whole heartedly."

In perhaps a new low in pandering for votes, Baca claims that his pet, "Jerry the Cat," has finally agreed to endorse him. This after I reported that Baca was risking the support of animal groups by complaining on his blog that he was lonely when his wife was out of town because "only" Jerry and the dogs were around.

In a news release, Baca said, "Jerry the Cat predicts a comfortable margin of victory for his beloved master. 'My most gracious master and provider will win his race for land commissioner because his opponent left 50K sitting in the bank rather than using it to secure more votes.'" Jerry allegedly said.

It seems the cat has the same prickly personality as its owner. A spokesman for "Avians for Powell" doubted the veracity of Jerry the Cat's endorsement. "That statement is for us birds." They said.

So concludes the catcalls and birdcalls of Primary 06'. Let's get together again tomorrow and get ready to count the votes.

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