Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekend Update: Dems Nominate Balderas For Auditor Spot, But Courts Will Have Final Say 

The latest chapter in the Jeff Armijo saga unfolded late Saturday afternoon as the NM Democratic Party Central Committee nominated State Rep. Hector Balderas to become the party's candidate for state auditor, replacing the 36 year old Armjio who is mired in a scandal involving allegations of sexual misconduct with two young women. However, one chapter remains unwritten: how the courts will rule on the controversial matter. Armijo has filed a suit to stay on the ballot and it is expected to be heard in ABQ district court Tuesday, with the ultimate ruling likely coming from the NM Supreme Court.

Balderas, a rep from the north, took 153 votes to ABQ attorney Daniel Ivey-Soto's, 81. Also, Jeff Armijo, who was not present at the meeting, was nominated anyway and garnered just 41 ballots. Vince Baca scored 7 votes and there were two abstentions.

If the courts rule that Armijo has officially withdrawn from the race, a position he disputes, Balderas will carry the Dem auditor banner into the Nov 7. election and will vacate his House seat. More La Politica on Monday.

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