Friday, February 09, 2007

Ethics? Schmethics! Chances Of Reform Seen Fading, Plus: Race And Your Radio: Controversial Hosts Coming Back To ABQ 

Ethics schmethics! Chances of significant campaign and ethics reform are rapidly dwindling, with veteran Roundhouse observers saying they expect some showboating as the legislative session nears its climax, but do not see any of the major reform measures making it to the Governor's desk.

"The scandals involving the former Treasurers means these bills will get a higher profile--some may even pass both houses--but I don't see the will to pass them up to the Governor," informs one veteran wall-leaner.

The ABQ Journal hit with a foot-long hot dog of an editorial Thursday that neatly summed up the issue, but newspapers and Common Cause need more foot soldiers to put more heat on the lawmakers. It is not that New Mexicans don't care, (as ex-GOP Chair John Dendahl blasted as he prepared to move out of the state) it's that they are numbed by the scandals that have plagued politics and business at all levels.

Big money has subsumed our politics, now even drowning out the will of a majority of the people in the Legislature. That resembles plutocracy, not democracy. Maybe our Legislators can surprise us for a change. Or, maybe the Governor can have one lobbyist devoted solely to ethics reform and exercise some of his renowned negotiating skills through him. Now that would be a welcome surprise.


An FM radio station in ABQ has switched formats. Nothing unusual about that; happens all the time. But the announcement that "The Buzzard" 96.3 FM on the dial would switch to a talk format--"The Buzz"--featuring the Don and Mike radio show, had eyebrows raised. You see Don and Mike were kicked off of ABQ's Citadel owned KHTL 920 AM radio back in 1999 when they went off on a racist rant against Hispanics that drew fire from the public and then Federal Communications Commissioner Gloria Tristani.

Don and Mike were even the targets of street protests in ABQ when they mocked the town of El Cenizo, Texas for adopting Spanish as its official language. The hosts called City Hall in El Cenizo and told the woman who answered the phone that "people who won't or can't speak English should 'get on their burros and go back to Mexico.' They also made lewd comments to the woman in English and Spanish."

Citadel is now letting the controversial pair again grace the Duke City airwaves. Listeners can only hope it is a much-improved second act. New Mexico has its share of "hate" bloggers, surely she doesn't need hate radio added to the mix.


Hey fellas, how about this for a Valentine for your favorite political lady? The NM Commission on the Status of Women is now accepting nominations for the 22nd Annual Governor's Awards for Outstanding New Mexico Women. This is probably the perfect gift, as the recipient will be overjoyed and the guy doesn't have to spend anything, just time singing his lady's praises on some forms. Start clicking guys.

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