Friday, March 09, 2007

Can Heather Dodge The Bullet?; Fellow Rep Must File Complaint; Plus: More Heat On Pete, And: ABQ City Hall Change 

Can Heather Wilson dodge another bullet? Republicans see a glimmer of hope, but Democrats are naysaying speculation that no member of the U.S. House will come forward as required to file an official complaint against the ABQ GOP congresswoman with the ethics committee and launch an investigation into her role in the U.S. attorney scandal.

"There are a couple of hundred Democrats and I am sure you will get one to do what has to be done," said a Democratic veteran.

Probably so, but no one has yet. We know for sure it won't be House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer who told the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call that he believes Wilson's actions need to be investigated, but he won't be the one asking.

"I think the House ought to take it under consideration. Am I going to file a complaint? The answer is no. It has been my consistent position that the ethics committee has a responsibility...when issues are raised in the public sphere...I would hope they would do that.' Hoyer said.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Heather shouldn't start breathing easier. "Congressional sources say that fellow lawmakers may file a complaint with the House Ethics Committee." Reports the paper.

Unlike Senator Domenici, Heather says she has yet to hire a lawyer to handle any case that results from the charges leveled by former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias who told Congress this week that both of the prominent Republicans tried to get him to speed up indictments in the investigation of the construction of the ABQ Metro Court and other projects. But she could easily be getting some free legal advice. Her husband, Jay Hone, is an an attorney.


Senator Domenici, long a favorite of the ABQ Journal, did not get a break this week when the state's largest newspaper editorialized that there should be an independent counsel hired to investigate ethics charges against Pete and Heather or probes by the congressional ethics committees. The Journal, however, was cordial compared to the editorial page of the New York Times (registration) which Friday scorched New Mexico's senior senator.

"Americans often suspect that their political leaders are arrogant and out of touch. But even then it is nearly impossible to fathom what self-delusion could have convinced Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico that he had a right to call a federal prosecutor at home and question him about a politically sensitive investigation." Opined the Times.


ABQ City Hall insiders say the head of the city's cultural services department, Velia Silva, has resigned after some behind-the-scenes the controversy. Silva served as field director for Mayor Chavez's '05 re-elect. Look for more on that story in the days ahead...Thanks to my readers for all their emails and encouragement this week which helped us cover the Iglesias story...And a tip of the blog hat to photog Mark Bralley for his extra efforts in keeping us supplied with some cool photos. Have news or a comment? Email it in from the link at the top of the page.

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