Saturday, March 24, 2007

"This Is Not Over," Says Upset Guv; Senate Adjourns Without Taking Any Special Session Action; Stand-Off At Do-Nothing Session Set To Continue 

Governor Richardson snapped a wet towel at state Senators who dissed him Saturday morning by adjourning the special session for the second time. The Senate will apparently be forced back sometime next week. How long is this stand-off going to last, and at what cost? AP coverage here.

Here's full Fourth Floor reaction to the Senate pan job, and below that is more coverage of the do-nothing session.

“The Governor is very disappointed that the Senate chose to continue to shirk its responsibility to the citizens of New Mexico,” said Gilbert Gallegos, Communications Director. “While we had a tremendous regular session the fact of the matter is there were critical, time sensitive issues that remained unaddressed -- which is why the Governor convened the special session. The House recognized this and did the people’s business. Certainly local governments recognize this. Victims of domestic violence recognize this. Civil rights advocates recognize this. Proponents of ethic reform recognize this. It seems the only people who don’t recognize it are certain members of the Senate who would rather make a political statement than take care of business.”

“The Governor is not giving up and expects the Senate to address these issues. The House debated the bills, amended them and passed solid legislation. The Senate may have temporarily avoided their work today but they will have to come back. This is not over.’”
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