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Tidbits From Mayor Marty's Guv Poll, Plus: More ABQ Council Contenders, And: Wilson And The War 

ABQ mayor and 2010 Dem Guv hopeful Marty Chavez scores high as a leader and for "getting things done," but is outdone in the "compassion and caring" department by rival and Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish. That's some of the insider info dribbling out from a March 22-25 conducted by Chavez who has formed a Guv exploratory committee while Denish has formally announced her entry.

Lady Di did a poll of her own earlier this year which showed her leading Marty by 18 points among Dem primary voters. Marty's head-to-head numbers against Denish show a much closer race (surprise!) and his intimates say the poll has encouraged him to stay in the race.

The mayor sent out a late April fund-raising letter in which he declares: "I need your vote, your help and your contribution to my Exploratory Committee, which I have formed with a clear eye toward the 2010 Governor's race."

He also includes a Web site to visit, but when you go there you get a notice that it is coming soon. In contrast, Denish has kept up her campaign site from last year, replete with details on her career.

One question that hovers over Chavez is whether voters have put a ceiling on his career, seeing him as a worthy mayor, but skeptical of placing him in higher office. His associates don't seem to think so. Only a campaign will answer the question


Meantime, on the city election watch 34 year old Katherine Martinez, who is active in the mayor's ABQ Green initiative and is the government affairs director for the Central NM Homebuilders Association, has launched a campaign against City Council President Debbie O'Malley who has often clashed with His Honor over growth issues. Martinez also worked in government affairs for the ABQ Chamber of Commerce.

Martinez (Katherine Carroll), a Democrat like O'Malley, was born in North Carolina and moved to New Mexico eight years ago with her native New Mexican husband. She says she has lived in the ABQ North Valley district only two and a half years, but "it doesn't take long to get to know people."

Another councilor who has often been at odds with the mayor, Republican Brad Winter, also has an election rival. She is Paulette dé Pascal, 47, a New York native ("100 percent Italian") who has a PR background. She has worked for the movie industry, GOP politico Bob Schwartz and southern NM Congressional candidate Al Kissling. She told me she has lived in NM for 25 years and in the district four council seat she seeks for over a decade. "I want to help take the city to the next level," she said.

The campaigns of council candidates Martinez and dé Pascal are being consulted by Santa Fe's Victory Group which is also consulting Mayor Chavez's Guv bid.

Four of the nine council seats are up for election this year. Here's more on the campaign, including the latest candidates for the seat that Martin Heinrich is vacating to run for Congress.

Rep. Wilson
ABQ GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson is out with her update on the latest developments in the US House on the no-end-in-sight Iraq war. She baits the hook, but doesn't go fishing: "

"Iraq must not become a safe haven for Al Qaeda and it must not become a source of instability in the region. We all have great dreams for the Iraqi people; but they are the ones who must build their dreams. We can support them, but we cannot do for the Iraqis what they will not do for themselves."

But if the Iraqis continue to "not do for themselves," when does policy change? She doesn't say. Wilson opposed the House approved measure setting deadlines for a troop withdrawal which was vetoed by the President. Some GOP lawmakers have been warning that the patience of the American people is not unlimited. Wilson does not echo that view, at least not in her newsletter.

She also goes out of her way to annoy the majority D's by calling them the "Democrat" party, instead of the "Democratic" party. This in a district that has some 35,000 more D's than R's. How does that move the ball forward?


Our fair New Mexico is not always last, but not everyone is happy about it. A Louisiana state representative, lamenting the fact that his state is the last to permit cockfighting after NM's Legislature passed a ban this year, says: "We shouldn't be the last state. We should have beat New Mexico last year."

The good news for Louisianans tired of the blood sport came last week from a Louisiana state house committee which approved a cockfighting ban that would take effect in December 2008.

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