Friday, June 15, 2007

Media Ribs Big Bill Over His "Touchiness"; Can "The Doors" Help Out? Come On In For A Friday Blog Happy Hour 

It's Friday so let's send it over the top. The East Coast elites think they have touched a funny bone as they take off on that recent media report on how Big Bill touched the head of a pretty twentysomething blonde sitting in front of him at a recent Iowa baseball game. Since it's the latest in a list of incidents involving the Guv 's "touchiness," the jesters are suggesting that the 1960's Doors hit. "Touch Me" be adopted as his presidential campaign theme song. The New Republic, which did the touchy segment on the Guv, has even posted a video of Jim Morrison singing the "theme." If you think the boredom in the media elite is rising along with the summer temps, you would be right.

Southern NM GOP Congressman Steve Pearce is also the subject of a Web media hit, with an outfit called "Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund" including him with four other US reps they claim have "their heads in the sand" over global warming. They've produced an anti-Pearce radio ad that could grace the airwaves over the deserts of southern NM soon. Of course, in Pearce's conservative district he may wear the environmentalist attack as a badge of honor.


Here's an entertaining tirade from an ex-NM journalist turned Alligator on the tough time Big Bill has had with the national media:

"It's his own damn fault that he's not doing well...He doesn't have any practice answering tough questions; he always ducked them here and it's partly the media's fault, but after a while you get tired of them (the Guv's office) refusing to answer questions and questioning your motives...He hired a bunch of journalists who failed to prepare their boss for the real world...They insulated him from the media...They are basically a group of yes men and women...I say off with their heads. Give Big Bill a decent chance to run in this race."

And I say, have a great weekend and come back and visit the home of New Mexico politics soon.

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