Friday, September 07, 2007

Let Him Burn, And Pass The Corndogs While You're At It; Politics Can't Compete With Summer's Final Flings, Or Can It? 

We expect Mr. and Mrs. New Mexico to take full advantage of the last summer flings afforded them by the burning of "Old Man Gloom" (Zozobra) in Santa Fe last night and the opening of the NM State Fair today in ABQ. They could use an escape from the news. On Thursday alone they learned of the guilty plea of a former NM Treasurer and of the not guilty plea entered to another corruption charge by the former president of the NM Senate; they also saw the ABQ city election get muddied up over divorce and bankruptcy and heard the director of Los Alamos Labs warn that he needs to prepare for possible layoffs because of Congressional inaction on the budget. (Wasn't that supposed to be at least another year away?) Oh well, give us a match to light that puppet and a State Fair corn dog to munch on while those woes go up in smoke, at least until we tune in to the news again.


Bill is tweaking Hill in his latest Iowa TV spot. He is stuck in fourth in the polls there, with at least a strong third place finish a must.


History buffs will find of interest ABQ GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson's recounting of her recent visit to Manila in the Philippines and the cemetery there that is deeply connected to New Mexico.


"I am not ruling out running for Mayor again." So declared ABQ Mayor Marty Chavez on KKOB-AM radio Wednesday. So you run for Mayor in 2009 and then run for the Democratic nomination in June 2010? That's a tight fit.


Who are these guys and gals? The League of Women Voters ABQ election guide is out with details on who's who on the October 2nd ballot, as well as the other stuff voters will be voting on, including a big pay raise for the city council. That has about as much chance as passing as Zozobra did of escaping the flames last night.


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