Thursday, January 03, 2008

Reports: Richardson In Deal With Obama As Fallback In Iowa Vote 

The Richardson-Obama deal is apparently aimed at ensuring that the NM Governor can finish at least fourth in today's voting. Here's the details.

Bill Richardson has joined Dennis Kucinich in directing his supporters to vote for Barack Obama in the second round if they do not achieve the 15 percent viability threshold. Richardson may need a solid fourth-place finish in the caucuses to continue his campaign. And he is best served by directing support away from former Sen. John Edwards, who consistently polls between him and the two national front-runners, Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton, in national and early state polls.

Here's the New York Times report.

Richardson's campaign will now wait and see if Edwards finishes third in Iowa. If he does, the Governor's strategists believes he will have a chance to pick up steam in New Hampshire on Tuesday. This is a long-shot strategy. Was it born of panic over possibly finishing fifth and being knocked out tonight? More as it develops.
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