Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Clippings From My Newsroom Floor 

From downtown ABQ comes confirmation from one of our insiders that Democratic Bernalillo County Commissioner Deanna Archuleta has informed her fellow commissioners that she has accepted a job--assistant secretary for water and science in the Interior Department-- with the Obama Administration:

Commissioner Deanna Archuleta informed fellow Commissioners Wednesday at 3 p.m. that she HAD indeed accepted a position with the Interior Dept and would be leaving/resigning from Bernalillo County Govt on April 30th.

Archuleta is the chairwoman of the commission. Her impending resignation clears the way for Big Bill to appoint a replacement for Archuleta. That replacement would finish Archuleta's term which runs through 2010 and would have to decide whether to seek election to the seat next year. Among the names circulating to replace Deanna: Former county commissioners Lenton Malry and Tom Rutherford and AMAFCA flood control board member Danny Hernandez.


Is NM Expo manager Judy Espinoza headed for the exits? One of our Senior alligators says it appears something is in the works. The scenario circulating would have Espinoza, a longtime government fixture, being offered another post while Big Bill fills the Expo slot with new blood. Espinoza's name is among those being floated as a possible replacement for Bernalillo County Commissioner Deanna Archuleta. Last year's state fair took a major attendance hit when the economy tanked.


Reaction to the week's big story--the indictment--of Public Regulation Commissioner Jerome Block, Jr. and his dad, Jerome Block, Sr. Former ABQ GOP State Rep.Rory Ogle has this angle:

The Democrat liberals--aka Progressives--have been telling us for years that if only we had public financed election we could eliminate political corruption and the influence of money in elections. Wel, l I guess Jerome Block has become the poster child for those of us who have said this will not work and if anything may actually increase political corruption by those who would do anything to cheat the taxpayers.

Can the Legislature impeach this guy?

Yes, Legislature could impeach a PRC commissioner. The Legislature doesn't meet until January, unless there is a special session in the fall which is possible. Something to monitor.

Well, Jerome Block Sr. e-mailed in reaction to that impeachment talk:

Joe: The constitution states, state officers are "liable to impeachment for crimes, misdemeanors and malfeasance in office,.....". The alleged violations occurred before Jerome Jr. took office. What basis would the legislature have for impeachment?!

The statute that the Attorney General is prosecuting under states that if the Secretary of State finds that a candidate violated the act she can "fine the candidate or refer it to the Attorney General". OR not AND. Mary Herrera fined the hell out of Jerome Jr.  

ABQ GOP State Rep. Larry Larranaga says he is weighing introducing an impeachment resolution on Block if the commissioner is still in office when an anticipated special legislative session occurs later this year


It doesn't appear Block will resign from the PRC anytime soon, but if the heat gets to be too much and he does get off the five member panel, the Alligators already have prospective replacements for the Governor to take a look at. Here's one handicapper's list:

Santa Fe County Commissioner Paul Campos----A strong party guy, family in high places...

Espanola Mayor Joe Maestas---He's close to Light Guv Di; a good government guy turned around Espanola, but finished 4th in a five man Dem primary for the Block PRC seat last year.

Estevan Gonzalez-
--A PNM Background grew up in the telecommunications industry. Masters ifrom Stanford; his big brother--Javier--is very close to the governor. Steve is also close to the Governor and US Rep Lujan and NM House Speaker Lujan. Could be the guy.

Rio Rancho City Councilor Larry Naranjo--Has been very successful with the Anglo progressive vote in Rio Rancho and at the same time appeals up north as he has old school Naranjo blood.

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