Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Clippings From Our Newsroom Floor: From Espanola To Tingley Beach, Your Blog Roams La Politica 

Mention city of Española politics around here and you get mired in e-mail and Alligator attacks for days on end. It happened when a Gator floated the name of Española Mayor Joe Maestas, among others, as a possible replacement for Jerome Block, if Block, who was indicted recently, stepped down from his Public Regulation Commission seat. That brought attacks against Maestas and now he gets the final word and we swear off PRC name floating and Española politics--at least for a while.

In the (2008) Democratic primary race for the PRC, I came in a close third, not fourth..I have turned Española’s city government around...compared to what it was when I was elected Mayor in March 2006...I have professionalized city government; institutionalized ethics, and invested in our number one priority--public safety. I have accomplished much in the way of improved financial...The Rio Grande Sun’s coverage of Española..is by no means an accurate gauge of city government nor is it recognized as legitimate, ethical journalism...

Well, we may not be done with Española after all. That blast Mayor Maestas leveled at the Rio Grande Sun means we will run their response, if they have one. If they don't, we will quietly tip-toe out of Española but promise to visit again real soon.

Meantime, the Sun comes with the scoop that northern Dem State Senator Carlos Cisneros is calling on Jerome Block to resign his PRC seat.


Speaking of Alligators, look at the snap of this one that popped up in our e-mail box. It comes from one of the Senior variety and came to us with this cut line: "Here I am lurking in the clear ditch by Tingley Beach!"

With this guy lurking, it's no wonder Mayor Marty wants to build a lagoon for the Tingley swimmers.


More exclusive details on that poll done last week on ABQ's West side for a city council race and which we blogged about Tuesday. The survey, conducted by automatic phone calls to over 500 registered voters, showed Mayor Chavez getting 41% of the vote in this area where he has been traditionally strong. His challengers, Dem Richard Romero and RJ Berry were tied at 17% and undecided was at 24%. Chavez won the 2005 four way race for mayor with 47% of the vote. The election is in October.


Apparently the layoffs at the Albuquerque Journal were much more extensive than it first appeared when it was announced in early January that "fewer than ten" newsroom employees were losing their jobs. At the time, the Journal said there were other layoffs at the ABQ Publishing Company, which owns the paper, but it did not specify how many. The Web site "Paper Cuts," which tracks such things, updated the Journal story in mid-March and now puts the total number of workers who lost their jobs at the state's largest newspaper at 80. That includes the advertising, production and circulation departments as well as newsroom employees.

The site runs a January article from the New Mexican citing the newsroom layoffs, but does not provide the source of its information for the 80 layoffs. If the number is indeed 80, that is one of the more significant losses of workers in this recession in the ABQ area.


Here' some video from the ABQ Tea Party shot by one of those attending. The Tea Party had a libertarian-Republican tilt.

ABQ financial advisor and NM National Guard Brigadier General Greg Zanetti spoke at the Santa Fe tea party. He interviewed with the AP there and said his plans to run for the NM GOP Guv nod in 2010 are on track. Zanetti has also begun a Web site.

Former ABQ Congresswoman Heather Wilson is still a possible GOP Guv contender, even if she has been quiet. This news from the state GOP:

Former Representative Wilson was awarded the National Intelligence Superior Public Service Medal...The Medal recognizes individuals who have provided superior service to the nation’s intelligence community and is awarded by the director of National Intelligence. Wilson served as a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence...

Will we see Heather and Greg square off in a primary, or will one get out of the other's way? (And let's not forget Steve Pearce). Stay with us for continuing coverage...

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