Friday, January 22, 2010

Kiki's Capitol Shoe Shine Parlor; It's A Kick, Plus: Pete Sr. On Pete Jr: Mixed Emotions On Guv Run, And: The Readers Blog 

Shine by Kiki
Has it come to this? The chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee shining shoes at the Roundhouse to raise money to resolve the state's mammoth budget deficit? Well, we don't know how much ABQ Dem Rep. Kiki Saavedra gets paid for his shoe shining duties, but he looks like he knows his stuff and every bit helps in chipping away at the giant deficit. He's caught in this snapshot buffing the shoe leather of capitol employee David Ortiz. Now, if Kiki could just get some of those 19 University of New Mexico vice-presidents pulling down $4.5 million a year to help out at the shoe shine stand, we just might make a bigger dent in the $600 million deficit.

Come to think of it, Kiki, if you have to axe those Veeps, you might arrange some small business loans for them. Those Roundhouse lobbyists like to keep their Gucci's nice and shiny.


Former US Senator Pete Domenici was not exactly brimming over with enthusiasm in discussing the GOP Guv run of his son, Pete Domenici Jr., when he discussed the entry with the ABQ Journal's Michael Coleman. The interview reflects the mixed signals that we heard about Pete Jr's entry from certain members of the Domenici family and former Domenici staffers. Pete Sr. said he pointed out the pitfalls of a Guv run before Pete Jr. pulled the trigger, but now that he is in he is supportive. The interview raises questions on how active the former Senator will be in raising money on behalf of his 50 year old attorney son. Our guess is as the race heats up, the emotional ties will take over and Pete Sr. will get more into this campaign than might be expected.

There's also a weird psychology angle at play here. Pete Sr. ran for Governor in 1970 and lost to Bruce King, his only state election loss. Now the son wants to accomplish what the father couldn't. Just some food for thought or something. And then there's the issue we previously hit on--the legacy of Senator Domenici and how it will be impacted by a rough and tumble campaign.


Spiro Vassilopoulos is the latest entrant in the crowded GOP race for land commissioner. The ABQ oil man will make it official Sunday. He joins at least five other R's in this race. But the GOP still doesn't have announced candidates for attorney general sec, of state, treasurer or auditor. Aren't they getting top heavy with this land contest?

How many Hispanic Dem bullets can southern Dem Public Regulation Commission candidate Bill McCamley dodge? Dona Ana County Assessor George Perez says he won't join the race, after briefly considering it, but former county commissioner Gilbert Apodaca still lurks.

Even though the seat is held by Dem Sandy Jones, who is now running for land commissioner, an Hispanic Dem would have a good chance of winning the nomination. McCamley will hold his breath until PRC filing day which is March 16th. On the Republican side Las Cruces native and businessman Jamie Estrada has joined former Dona Ana County GOP Commissioner Kent Evans in seeking the R nomination for this PRC seat which the Dems traditionally win.


Saint Pete Jr.? Well, the readers have their own way of framing the races of La Politica. Mike Kitts is one of them and comes with this colorful dispatch:

St. Pete Jr. is the odds-on favorite of the GOP. He is all name, and no substance, but that doesn't seem to matter to the unwashed masses here. They think that Daddy Domenici (former US Senator Pete Domenici) saved them from economic bankruptcy, and they think that St. Junior will be able to do the same. Alan Weh, and the rest of the Republican field might as well save their money, or return their contributions, because they're all on that road to nowhere and they all have something to fear, and it's big, out-of-state GOP money.

But don't think that (Democrat) Diane Denish is totally out of the loop when it comes to raising money. I know that the Democrats will fight tooth and nail to get her elected. The Dems will also attract big names and big national money. The only ones going to benefit this Governor's race will be the people the candidates have to buy media time from. hey have a helluva fight on their hands with St. Baby, and they know it. It's going to be a wonderful year, politically.


Reader Pete Baston has some advice to anyone who wants to win the Guv's office in 2010, based on the GOP Massachusetts Senate upset victory of Scott Brown:

So you want to be governor on NM and now thanks to Scott Brown the field is wide open. Here are some helpful hints

1. You are not a REPUBLICAN but an Independent republican ( small text)

2. Buy a pick up truck with 250 K Miles on it quick ( Ditch the Beamer or Lexus )
3. Rent or adopt two beautiful daughters for the duration
4. Get tea party support and compare Big Bill with George III and Santa Fe pols with the dastardly English (Miracle in NM )

5. Learn the star team roster for the Lobos

6. Produce TV ads like

There you have it, a guaranteed plan for the Gov's Job in 2010.

And there you have another week of blogging. Thanks for tuning in. Reporting from Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan.

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