Saturday, March 13, 2010

Colon First In Lt. Gov Race At Dem Preprimary; Rael Second; Powell First In Land Race; Vanzi Over Montoya 

Brian Colon
Here are the results of the Saturday Dem preprimary convention in the Dem Lt. Governor's race. Keep in mind that in all races 20% is the magic number to get an official spot on the June 1 primary ballot. You can still get on without it, but have to submit additional petition signatures. (Keep scrolling for GOP preprimary results).

Brian Colon 34.54 percent; Lawrence Rael 22.15 percent; Joe Campos 19.69 percent; Jerry Ortiz y Pino 18.87 percent; Linda Lopez 4.73% percent

And the raw Light Guv numbers:

Colon--591; Rael--379; Campos--337; Ortiz y Pino--323; Lopez--81

And for Land Commissioner

Ray Powell 44.4 percent; Harry Montoya 19.32; Sandy Jones 18.6; Mike Anaya 17.6

And for the Court of Appeals:

Linda Vanzi--1255---72.32%; Dennis Montoya--480-27.6%

Diane Denish was unopposed for the Dem Guv nomination.

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