Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ABQ City Attorney White Bids Adieu, Plus: Some Media Moving And Shaking 

Bob White, retiring after 16 years as city attorney for ABQ, shares a laugh with City Councilor Rey Garduno at Bob's going away party. Rey gave Bob a T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan "community organizer," joking that White was now free to resume the role that got him started in politics back in the 70's.

White was an effective city attorney, dispensing sound advice and keeping a low profile. We also recall his service as a a city councilor back in the 80's. In fact, he represented the district now served by Garduno. That council experience served White well as both R's and D's and everyone in between seemed to be pleased with him. His personal liberal Democratic politics were kept to himself. How else do you last 16 years in a position in which you serve at the pleasure of the mayor?

We wish him well and hope he makes more time now to listen to his Bob Dylan collection. Hasta La Vista, Mr. White.


Taking White's place is Rob Perry who we recall as an effective head of the corrections department under GOP Governor Gary Johnson. He also ran for attorney general as the GOP candidate against then incumbent Democrat Patricia Madrid. He lost but ran a spirited campaign.

The Legal Beagles say Perry would do well to follow in White's shoes and run the city attorney's office in a nonpartisan manner, even as he may be tempted to do otherwise.


The all-female NM Guv contest has roused semi-retired newsman Ned Cantwell. He brings his wry sense of humor to the big story, saying he has talked to an old friend about the contest:

Barney follows New Mexico fairly closely and is aware of our problems: a debilitating shortage of Medicaid funds, a struggling education system, too many poor and disadvantaged, persistent unemployment. "What do you think will be the defining issue, what will decide this race between Diane and Susana?" he wondered.

"Mud wrestling," I said. "So far these ladies have displayed such lack of class, we're beginning to think, 'strip down and get 'er on, gals.'"


Longtime KKOB-AM radio news anchor Larry Mohlenbrink moves to afternoons at the 50,000 watt talker. Larry Behrens takes over the morning slot...Weatherman Michael Kelting is out at KOB-TV and we're told KOAT-TV's Jason Stiff takes over the map there. It wasn't reported when he came here last year, but Kelting, in June 2009, filed a $7.684M lawsuit against former employer KRON-TV in San Francisco citing a hostile work environment and sexual harassment...

The conservative think-tank, the Rio Grande Foundation, says it has hired a reporter to cover the state capitol. Rob Nikolewski descrives himself as "a former Emmy Award-winning sports anchor whose interests morphed into the public policy realm."

This is the home of New Mexico politics.

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