Saturday, January 01, 2011

Susana Martinez Takes Midnight Oath And Becomes New Mexico's Governor 

New Mexico rang in 2011 with a new Governor. Here's the AP lead from the Roundhouse where Susana Martinez took the oath of office at midnight:

Republican Susana Martinez has claimed her place in history as New Mexico's first female governor, taking office with the start of the new year. Martinez, 51, formally became governor during a private ceremony at midnight in the Capitol Rotunda. About 200 friends and family, including her stepson, father, brother and sister, watched as retiring District Judge Stephen Bridgforth of Las Cruces administered the oath of office.

As Martinez pledged to carry out the duties of governor, she placed her left hand on a Bible held by her husband, Chuck Franco. The Bible was a gift from family members for the inauguration. She hugged her husband and other family members after finishing the oath.

The new Governor immediately issued several executive orders which are detailed in the AP story linked to above.

On New Year's Eve Martinez attended mass at St. Francis Cathederal.

Martinez will take the oath in public and deliver an inaugural speech on the Santa Fe Plaza at 10 a.m. today. KOB-TV will carry the event live. Here's a preview piece.

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