Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Clippings From My Newsroom Floor, Including the Sexsational Week In La Politica 

It was a sexsational week in La Politica. Predictably,  the sex "scandal" involving GOP Bernalillo County Commissioner Michael Wiener sucked up all the airtime and newsprint. Coming as it did just as the May ratings sweeps for TV news got underway, the feeding frenzy was especially vociferous. And the latest circulation figures for the nation's top newspapers were also out. There were no numbers released for our local fish wrapper but be sure the news there is about as good as it has been for Wiener.

That Wiener, 57, possesses a curious middle-aged libido and has a wildly inappropriate name to satisfy that curiosity in the red light district of a Philippine city, is nothing if not titillating. His insistence that he will stay on the June primary ballot and take a drubbing from his GOP foe only served to elongate the frenzy.

Wiener may be worthy of moral opprobrium, but he maintains he broke no laws and was not involved in sex slavery or pedophilia. What he is certainly guilty of is political stupidity and opaque thinking on a grand scale. That this mishap follows many others involving the commissioner makes this bizarre incident appear downright moronic. But this is politics, not neurosurgery. We're kind of used to that, aren't we?

The joke is Wiener will lose to challenger Lonnie Talbert on June 5, but will go out with a bang at his Election Night party where the special guests will be his friends from the Philippines. And it's okay to hear a joke or two. The self-righteousness, moral pedantry and feigned outrage over the Wiener affair is starting to grate. Enough already. (But thanks for the memories, Michael).


For those who see Wiener's infractions seriously indeed, there's this email circulating to get the county commission to censure him:

It’s time for the anti-workplace violence, anti-human trafficking, anti-domestic violence, anti-rape, immigrants rights, reproductive health, labor, and the empowerment communities to come together in solidarity against sexism and racism. It is unacceptable that all of the male County Commissioners are refusing to stand up for women, for those born outside of the US, for people of color, and for those who live in poverty.

A reader writes of Attorney General Gary King:

The 2014 Guv campaign (Dem primary) is apparently underway. Just noticed that Gary King has created a Facebook Page “Gary King For New Mexico.” He says: “Lets discuss how to improve New Mexico. The beauties of our state and people are boundless and it's time to move New Mexico forward. Proud to be your A.G ”

Great. Now it’s time? Not during his past 6 years as AG ? 

They don't wait long, Gary.


There's also an Alligator strike coming in on the first TV ad of former Mayor Marty Chavez who is seeking the Dem mod for the ABQ congressional seat:

We've all seen it happen too often when the ad maker puts so much emphasis on trying to make the ad pretty that it overshadows its message. They also totally forgot about the electorate: we're talking about 85% of the electorate being 50 or older. The last thing an ad should be doing is to force people to think about connecting the ad's visual to the message. 18-29 year olds will think the ad was "cool" but they won't vote.

We'll see. The congressional primary also features Eric Griego and Michelle Lujan Grisham. Both of them are also up with their first TV.

And what does Marty's campaign have to say about Eric's first TV ad:

“Eric Griego's ad is a continuation of his hollow campaign based on sound bites and idle talk. Grandstanding isn't going to recover our economy or actually protect Social Security and Medicare. His campaign doesn't cite a single accomplishment or plan for solving the problems we face. This is just more of the same from a politician with no record to stand on.

Come on fellas, tell us what you really think...


Around here we call our tapped in political sources "Alligators" and our veteran sources "Senior Alligators."And one of those of a Senior variety could not resist sending us this photo of what he called "the real Senior Alligator."

Well, ours may not be as big, but sometimes they bite as hard.

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