Friday, November 09, 2012

A Few Friday Clips And Then Back Monday 

Thanks for being with us all election year. Here are a few Friday clips before we rejoin you on Monday...

Turnout for the Tuesday election fell short of our mark of 68 percent of the registered voters, according to the AP:

 Voter turnout dropped in New Mexico and unofficial returns indicate about 62 percent of registered voters cast ballots in this year’s presidential race. That’s down from nearly 70 percent in 2008, and it’s the lowest turnout rate since the 2000 presidential election when 61 percent of eligible voters participated. About 772,000 votes were cast in the presidential race. That’s 7 percent lower than in 2008, but is 2 percent higher than in 2004.

And a reader writes of another  possible Senate President Pro Tem play now that Roswell Dem Senator Time Jennings has been defeated:

Could Senate Finance Committee Chairman John Arthur Smith be selected as Senator Pro Tem, an "honorary" spot, so that another person can step into the Finance Committee Chair.  Lots of changes in Santa Fe as a result of this election, from the Fourth Floor on down. 

Thanks again for your support throughout the election year and for our radio Broadcast Tuesday night.

Reporting to you from Tucson, AZ, I'm Joe Monahan

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