Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Clippings From Our Newsroom Floor 

  • ABQ Mayor Berry said over the weekend he will seek a second four year term this October. However, Berry said he will bypass the city's public financing system for elections and raise private money. That opens the door for a much bigger spending campaign than we saw in 2009 when Berry was first elected. Also picking up petitions Saturday to make a run for Mayor were were Pete Dinelli, Paul Heh, Jay Flowers and Margaret Aragon de Chavez. Dinelli will try to qualify for public financing.
Is it time to privatize the New Mexico and ABQ economic development departments? If so, the Dems would be smart to lead the charge. It would boost their biz credentials. Both departments have been befuddled by the Great Recession. Why not let the private sector give it a shot as we continue to languish in the cellar when it comes to job creation?....

Is anyone talking about tearing down and building a new Popejoy Hall--the state's cultural landmark at the University of New Mexico? They ought to. A recent visit showed the nearly 50 year old hall not shabby--but certainly worn and dated. A remodel of the hall--but not the foyer--back in the 90's was well done, but time marches on. Today the state's premier cultural events center needs more than a remodel...

And why even bother mentioning the pre-Jurassic era Tingley Coliseum at the state fairgrounds in ABQ? It should have been torn down and rebuilt a quarter century ago. The albatross continues to suck up maintenance dollars and is a deplorable commentary on what we put up with...


The Bernalillo County R's were on the blog this week opposing the measure to increase the percentage an ABQ Mayor or city councilor must win to be elected from 40% to 50% of the vote. The state Dems come with their rejoinder. They are in favor:

Should the minority of voters continue to get to pick our elected officials, or should majority elections for the City Council and the Mayor be instituted. That's right--current election law allows for a mere 40% of voters to select our Mayor and City Councilors. The Democratic Party of New Mexico is urging voters to vote "yes" on this important issue and bring fairness to our city's elections. Keep an eye out in your mailbox for your ballot--Vote "yes," sign the envelope, add a stamp and mail it back! It's that simple. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to join the DPNM and their Democratic allies in supporting this measure and voting "yes!"

The mail-in ballots for the March 11 special election went out this week. Asking voters to pay the postage for this is a sure-fire guarantee for very low participation.


30 year old Jay Flowers, who works in office services at a city law firm, says he is a member of the "working poor" and wants to bring their issues to the public. To do that he tells us he is going to run for Mayor of ABQ. Flowers says he will pick up petitions from the city clerk this weekend, along with other potential candidates.

He may be for the working poor but he is against the recent increase in the city's minimum wage. We'll let him explain that one. But he is a registered Republican....


From Jay Leno:

President Obama wants Congress to increase the minimum wage. And believe me, when it comes to doing the minimum for their wage, Congress knows what it's talking about.

That's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by. Reporting to you from Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan

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