Friday, May 03, 2013

Names Surface To Replace Santa Fe Mayor Coss, New Mexico's Fight With Budget Cutters, And: Susana And Joe: Guv And VP Pal It Up; But What's In It For Us? 

Santa Fe Mayor Dave Coss says he won't seek a third term next year and they're already talking up former NM Dem Party chairman and onetime Santa Fe County commissioner Javier Gonzales as a possible contender. Longtime Councilor Patty Bushee is another name on top of the speculators list.

On a lighter note, how about retired US Senator Jeff Bingaman? He's a Dem and even more laid back than Santa Fe....

The recession/Depression ravaged Santa Fe and it will probably never be what it once was in terms of tourism. Coss had to deal with parsimonious budgets caused by a drop-off in tax collections because of the tourism bust which cost the city jobs. Then there were the state government cutbacks in the capital--yet another blow to the City Different.

The next mayor will hopefully face a better economic climate. Top of the agenda is to revive Santa Fe's tourism market.

As for Coss, he walks away with a solid reputation. He bit off more than he could chew last year when he tried to become a state representative while still holding the mayor's office and the city's battle against crime seemed uneven during his years. But he avoided major scandal and was devoted and effective in preserving the over 400 year old city. We wouldn't be surprised to see him in the political arena again.


Now they're coming for Kirtland. Yep. First we received the news that the Department of Energy is proposing a flat budget for ABQ'S Sandia National Labs for the next budget year--which in this era was actually interpreted in some quarters as good news--now we have ABQ's Kirtland Air Force Base in the target sights of the budget cutters.

Senators Udall and Heinrich say they will both fight the proposed cuts to a space program there that would mean the loss of 100 good paying jobs.

Fight is the key word for New Mexico's Senators in the next decade. With our loss of seniority on the Hill and budget cutting fervor continuing, we imagine the raids on our federal dollars will become more emboldened...


Governor Martinez flew to Rome with Vice-President Biden last month for the inauguration of the new Pope and now Biden has invited her to DC for a Cinco_de_Mayo party. The Republican Governor says it shows she can work with Democrats.

Biden is taking hits from Dems here for chumming it up with Martinez who is up for re-election next year. Also, friends of Senator Tom Udall don't like the formation of this political odd couple because Udall is also seeking re-election in '14. He doesn't need Martinez getting steroid shots from the nation's #2 Dem.

Meantime, we aren't seeing any results yet if this is indeed a working relationship and not just more symbolism for the nation's first female Hispanic governor and a Vice-President who is weighing a 2016 presidential bid and needs Hispanic support.

Martinez would be a lot more convincing if she could point to something specific her relationship with Biden has or will produce for New Mexico. Meanwhile, we're sure the Cinco de Mayo Coronas will be ice cold at Biden's bash. Maybe they'll save a few for Udall.

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