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Heinrich Wades Into Guv's Race; Blasts Susana's Economy, Plus: Readers Ponder The Soul Of ABQ 

Sen. Heinrich
NM Democratic freshman Senator Martin Heinrich has mostly steered clear of confronting Governor Martinez but that changed this week as Heinrich aimed both barrels at the Guv in this fund-raising pitch for Dem Guv nominee Gary King:

. . . A common question I get asked is: “Are you happy with the job Governor Martinez is doing?” And I’m going to be honest – I am not happy at all. In fact, I’ve come to conclude that the Martinez Administration is anti-economic growth. Time and again, she’s turned her back on opportunities to capitalize on our state’s private sector potential. . . 

She’s actively fought against the development of renewable energy transmission. She’s spurned the Spaceport. And at the height of our state’s recession, she decimated the policies that helped attract film production to our beautiful state. This is not what a governor should be doing, which is why I am supporting Gary King for governor and I hope you will as well.

Heinrich is not up for re-election until 2018 and his firepower against the administration will be welcomed by a demoralized Democratic base waiting for someone--anyone--to make a case against her.

Dem Sen. Udall--seeking re-election--is steering clear of her because. . . .

In the background is that advice from the DC pollsters who have the ears of top Dems and who are telling them that attacking Susana is dangerous because she is popular. But the critics lash back that the same pollsters are supposed to come up with ways to effectively put her on the spot. And the critics ask what exactly is popular? The Guv's popularity peaked at 68% after her 2012 national GOP convention speech and is now at best in  in the low 50's---and perhaps lower. We still await definitive, independent scientific polling--not the befuddling robo call Rasmussen survye or the methodology challenged CBS News-New York Times Internet polling.

Heinrich's re-election may be a long way off, but perhaps he senses that the GOP machine that has run riot over the Dems will soon have him in its sights if there is no push back.  If Martinez is reelected in 2014, her term would end in 2018. Interesting timing there for Sen Heinrich. . . .


In our July 22 blog we wrote that ABQ lost part of its soul when three teens savagely murdered two homeless men--one of a string of many crimes that they apparently perpetrated against the homeless. ABQ author V.B. Price commented:

I’m not one who thinks Albuquerque has lost its soul. . .because of this. Nor can I say that the whole city is apathetic or in a state of psychotic denial just because its leadership is, particularly the mayor and the business elite who see no poverty, no violence, no homelessness and destitution, take no responsibility, and refuse to hear about or discuss the darker side of life in our city. To pin that on everyone is implying that we are only our leadership and that the rest of us are a mob of zombies. We’re a city of great heart, great soul, deep abiding religious conscience and spirituality, and, as some have pointed out, horrible denial. That is not unique to us in this country or this world. . . 

Price's point that the whole city is not responsible is well taken and we did not issue a blanket indictment, but we think retired APD Seargent Dan Klein fills in the gap that is missing in Price's critique:

Just like in the past when sensational murders have occurred you hear from people all over the city, outraged. But unless it directly effects those in power in Tanoan and High Desert and Four Hills, the outrage fades very quickly and will be forgotten even sooner. That is the apathy we have lived with in Albuquerque for years. Only when it effects the rich and powerful does any meaningful change occur.

The rich and powerful in this town need to start caring about the poor and demand their governor, mayor and legislature make serious changes like you recommend. The course we have followed since I have been here hasn't worked, time to try something new. Tap the $14 billion state Permanent Fund for child education. That's a good place to start.

Another reader writes:

. . .There is little prospect for meaningful, productive work for young men in this state who do not have college degrees. (Let's leave aside young women, for the moment.) The three children accused of this heinous crime, had, for the most part, divorced themselves from the educational system, with apparently no backlash from parents or truant officers. What future did they see for themselves? It's all part of the cannibalistic, cancerous, nihilistic philosophy that "certain people" don't matter that is rampant in our body politic. This is not going to get any better and will almost certainly get worse.

Well, we're pleased to see there's no apathy in the ranks of our readers. . .

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