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A Boa Constrictor In Santa Fe, TV News Ratings Out As Joles Returns, The DC Money Tree, More From PARCC Place And Toney Phone Home 

House Majority Leader Nate Gentry is asking Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez to step on the gas when it comes to considering legislation passed by the GOP controlled House. Isn't that like asking a boa constrictor to hurry up and eat?

Sanchez--of the Dem-controlled Senate--has referred the third grade retention bill and the one to repeal driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants to three Senate committees. The House approved right-to-work bill may get similar treatment. Like the boa does to its prey, the hot-button bills will be slowly choked to death--just as they have every year since Susana became Guv.

(For your amusement, the Gentry letter to Sanchez is here and the Sanchez response letter to Gentry is here). And onward we go. . .

After getting dethroned by KOAT-TV in November, KRQE-TV says it's back on the throne after the February ratings period:

KRQE News 13 at 10:00 PM is the #1 late news program, gaining 5% from November 2014. Our late news has won 36 of the last 37 survey periods, taking our winning streak back to 2005. CBS Prime was #1 in every hour. Our average prime rating was 24% higher than November 2014, and 21% higher than a year ago February.

The ratings during sweeps periods are used to determine local advertising rates over the next several months. Channel 13's November 10 p.m. loss to KOAT was attributed by the media mavens in part to the departure from 13 of longtime anchor Dick Knipfing. . ,

Speaking of anchors, Tom Joles is back in the saddle at KOB after being given a "cooling down" period by management following a newsroom shouting match with reporter Stuart Dyson. Joles issued this apology to his newsroom brethren but said he believes his punishment was not fair, perhaps signaling more rocky roads ahead for the earnest journalist. (Remember, the news director slammed Joles for not being able to fit into "a modern newsroom.") The Joles-Dyson argument got going when, according to newsroom sources, Joles started chewing out a cub reporter and Dyson came to her defense.

Whatever the case, Joles has a lot of work to do. KOB has been mired in third place for years in that 10 p.m news battle.


He's in the minority now, making it all the harder to shake the DC money tree, but Dem US Sen. Tom Udall can appeal to the White House:

Tuesday Udall will question U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx at a hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee. Udall will press administration officials on resources to expand trade and commerce at the Santa Teresa Port of Entry, continuing economic development investments in groups like Innovate Albuquerque, and his ongoing efforts to support the creation of an Integrated Photonics Manufacturing Institute in the Albuquerque area.


A reader writes of continued student protests around the state over the new PARCC exam:

Joe, Just one question: where are the parents? Adults are really letting their children take the lead here and publicly protest the screwing over of their children? Parents--not their kids--need to be the ones involved in these protests. Here's a question: what would the effect be if only half the parents in a school or school district kept their kids home for one day to protest these tests? What's (Sec. of Education Hanna) Skandera gonna do? Fail half of an entire school district? Doubtful. Parents need to have some courage and stand up for their own children.

In Santa Fe, reader Judith Podmore defends Gov. Martinez's education policies:

Santa Fe looks clean and once spring comes the Plaza will be cheerful and full of tourists. But education here is tragic. Freshmen in high school cannot write a sentence and barely a paragraph--never mind a paper. The teachers need to be weeded out but the union is too strong. It's this union that is destroying our education system. Our Governor is trying but her hands are tied. If I had a family, I certainly wouldn't live here. Respect and discipline seem to be severely lacking in this community. Parents need to be responsible for teaching values and following up with teachers. Tests are important but learning respect and discipline along with the value of hard work are more important.


Toney Anaya
The newspaper did a report showing that Gov. Martinez traveled out of state for nearly 300 days during her first four year term--most of it for political purposes. That draws this observation from a self-described veteran "wall-leaner":

Remember the “Toney Phone Home” bumper stickers the Republicans used to mock then-Gov. Toney Anaya, the ambitious Hispanic New Mexico governor of the 1980's for his out-of-state travels? It was a play on words from E.T., a blockbuster movie of the time, and his national political activities seemed to get New Mexico’s conservative media and right wingers into a tizzy. Democrats appear to lack the creativity and stomach to take on Susana, and of course the conservative media never would attack the ambitious Hispanic New Mexico female governor being out of the state so often on political business. Ironic, isn’t it?


Hey, does this mean the more than dozen high-powered lobbyists who labored furiously to kill this bill are now off the payroll for the rest of the session?

Sen. Bill Soules says attempts to regulate New Mexico's storefront lending industry appear dead for at least another year. Soules, D-Las Cruces, is sponsoring one of the three reform bills to cap interest rates on loans at 36 percent. Currently, storefront lenders often charge rates of 400 percent or more. Impoverished people in need of a fast infusion of cash sign contracts with lending companies for these high-interest loans, Soules said. Many can't meet the repayment schedule, so they end up eventually paying thousands of dollars on an original loan of a few hundred dollars. His bill was tabled in the Senate Corporations and Transportation Committee on a bipartisan vote. 

400 percent! Warren Buffett, you don't know what you're missing down here in New Mexico,

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