Thursday, July 02, 2015

Lynne Russell Makes Headline News; Ex-CNN Anchor In Motel 6 Shoot Out; Pre-Fourth Fireworks Startle The Town, But We Look At The Bright Side 

Russell & Husband Chuck de Caro
Uh...we're a little concerned about the timing this week of that announcement by the Governor and tourism department about how much folks from all over the place like coming here and how we are setting records for tourist traffic. Could we walk that back?. . . Or maybe not.

We have a cop shot to death in Rio Rancho, a kid fatally gunned down at a skate park in the ABQ Heights and a fella who tried to stop criminals from breaking into cars murdered in the driveway of his home. But the topper came late Tuesday night when Lynne Russell, original anchor babe for CNN Headline News, told police she and her husband were accosted by a man at a west side Motel 6. Shots rang out like it was the night of the Fourth. The alleged assailant is said to have been fired at by Lynne's husband six times and died. The husband--an ex-CNN investigative reporter---took three bullets to the torso and survived.

But look, we're not giving up hope that ABQ tourism will not be harmed by the crime or that because of it businesses will get even more shy about relocating here. No sir. We're on the phone right now with the appropriate officials to make this Motel 6 a historically protected ABQ landmark. You heard it right. . .

We can just see the color brochures and Internet videos. "Tour the room where Lynne Russell and her hubby stayed! See the bullet holes! Buy a tee-shirt: "I took three bullets at the ABQ Motel 6 and lived!" Take a photo of the commemorative plaque: "We'll leave the light on for you but Motel 6 bears no responsibility for your safety."

Yep. Even Lynne, a Manzano High grad from back in the day, called it an old-style shoot-out. And you know the marketing value in that. Heck, let's think the OK corral in Tombstone. We can do it!

If all goes as planned we'll have the Guv, Mayor Berry and the tourism secretary holding the next news conference announcing record visitors to ABQ right there at the newly historic Motel 6. And they can bring in Lynne Russell for the event so they can thank her personally. Yeah, this could be the start of something big. . .


Enjoy the holiday weekend and if your plans include taking in a movie reviewer Eric Lucero has some picks for you:

Far From the Madding Crowd, (PG-13) ****Stars Out of Five, showing only at the UA High Ridge 8, is a well acted cinematic feast that is an outstanding re-interpretation of English Author Thomas Hardy’s Victorian Masterpiece. Great performances abound.

Love & Mercy, (PG-13)***1/2 Stars Out of Five, showing only at the UA High Ridge 8, is a moving tribute to Beach Boy’s singer & lyricist Brain Wilson’s life and legacy. The bio concentrates on his creative “Dark Side”.

Woman in Gold, (PG-13)***Stars Out of Five, showing only at Movies 8 & Movies West, has award winning British Dame Helen Mirren lending dignity and clarity to her portrayal of the indomitable Maris Altmann’s 60 year battle to recover a family heirloom.

I’ll See You in My Dreams, (PG-13)***Stars Out of Five, showing only at the UA High Ridge 8, teeters between ‘Harold & Maude’ and ‘On Golden Pond’, but it’s story is just as relevant today, especially for millennials.

Max, (PG) ***Stars Out of Five, is great family fare for dog lovers everywhere. Max is the star, but film pays rightful homage to military dog handlers and to the most famous dog and grand-daddy of all: Rin Tin Tin (1918-1939).

Terminator Genisys, (PG-13) ***1/2 Stars Out of Five, rightly stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the “I’ll be back” Terminator fully engaged in his element once again. He’s great! However, Director Cameron’s re-boot requires that you pay attention, least you become confused. He can’t help himself!

Happy Fourth of July, New Mexico!

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