Friday, August 07, 2015

Trump's White House And The Politics Of Anger 

Here's how the White House will look when Donald Trump takes over. Book your room now.

That was some GOP presidential debate last night, wasn't it? Trump had the anger meter hitting 10 and the crowd urging him on. Anger put to work--to spur action-- is a valid political emotion. Trump has not only tapped into the waves of anger rolling across a not so small part of the electorate but also their desire for change.

Who was the angriest political figure we ever encountered in New Mexico? Hands down it was former GOP chairman and 2006 gubernatorial candidate John Dendahl. When he went up against heavy favorite Bill Richardson in '06 we dubbed him '"the sacrificial wolf." But Dendahl wasn't mean. Just angry. He left the state in a huff in his later years decrying the attitude of New Mexicans.

On the current scene there may be some angry politicians but they don't show it. (Actually, we find Gov. Martinez has more than a streak of anger to her political personality). Anger is mostly left to social media, talk radio and citizen activists. There aren't many of those anymore but ABQ Silvio Dell'Angela is one. For several years, he has been sending out irate email missives to a large audience, decrying the current state of New Mexico and ABQ. Here's a sample from his latest:

Many here are in denial that New Mexico is compared nationwide to nothing better than a third world city run by corrupt leaders. This is because we continue to elect people whose only goal is not to serve us-the people but to feather their own nests. Even Mississippi is thankful for New Mexico’s horrible reputation--now the land of hopelessness and apathy to this culture of corruption.

New Mexico just isn't big on anger. However, you could argue it is often too big on acceptance, denial and apathy.

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