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Susana And Dianna: A Picture They Won't Be Framing, Plus: Days Of Darren; Always Controversial White Now Pushing For Medical Pot, And: Happy Labor Day, New Mexico  

We had a hard time finding a photo of Secretary of State Dianna and Duran and Gov. Martinez posing together but leave it to the Alligators to deliver. They send along this not so great but still poignant pic of the Republican duo. It's from happier days when the pair did the political two-step together. No more. 

Susana has made clear she wants the scandal-ridden SOS gone. She'll probably get her way in time for Dianna not to become an issue in the '16 legislative races. Meantime, you can safely bet this is one pic that neither lady will be having framed. 

As for Democratic efforts to tie the SOS scandal to the Governor and do what she loves to do to them, what efforts? The Dem Party did put out a news release trying to make the tie-in but we've heard not a peep from any prominent Democrats demanding an immediate resignation or tying Martinez and the R's to the alleged SOS corruption. Guess they're still on their summer vacations.

Doe the Duran story have legs beyond what we already know? Will the investigation broaden to track down where all this money came from that was apparently gambled away? Was it solely campaign contributions? The embattled secretary may have to bargain to avoid losing her state pension. She may have interesting things to say--if pressed.


Former Bernalillo County sheriff, ABQ public safety director and Martinez Machine operative Darren White can't be surprised that he's taking hits from all sides over reversing his position on medical marijuana. He was an ardent foe of any pot legalization and in 1999 even resigned as state cabinet secretary for public safety when his boss--Gov. Gary Johnson--led a crusade for legalizing marijuana. Now the news arrives that White is serving on the board of a company--Purlife--that wants to get a medical marijuana license from the state.  Says Johnson:

It's terribly entertaining and it's unforgivable. It's the fact that a person says one thing and then does the other and it really is unforgivable. This is contrary to everything he has said and done.

White, who resigned from his city job when he interfered with a traffic accident involving his wife, is now a private investigator.  He did not respond to Johnson but said:

Like several other former and retired law enforcement officials, I was asked by a company to develop and implement a risk assessment and security plan for their application.

The readers weigh in, with David O'Neil saying White's move may signal that some R's might again flirt with legalization:

I feel like I hit my head and woke up on Mars or something. But I first heard that rumor in June 2014. Look for lawsuits if Martinez political cronies grab the majority of the licences. I look for a push for legalization in 2017 at the latest; those guys may make it happen. It'll be interesting to see if they follow through. I wonder if they thought they could keep it on the down low?

Another reader writes:

With Darren White now officially running for the title of "World's Biggest Hypocrite Ever" by trying to obtain a Medical Marijuana Dispensary I thought it might be nice to share this oldie but goodie from Mr. White. In this video the hypocrisy is almost as thick as the cheese!

It's a video of White singing an anti-drug song in a band composed of police officers.


The final big holiday of the summer is upon us and reader Eric Lucero will be spending some of it at the movies.

A Walk In The Woods 3 1/2 Stars out of 5 Stars. Academy Award winners Robert Redford & Nick Nolte finally star in their own “Buddy Road” film. In this case, as long lost friends who lost track of each other and are reunited in this funny and sentimental film adaption of Bill Bryson’s non-fiction novel. Redford & Nolte journey as reluctant hiking partners along the picturesque Appalachian Trail. As they bumble along from Georgia to Maine travel writer Bill (Redford) and his homeless troubled buddy (Nolte) learn about life and the meaning of friendship. These veteran actors again prove why they are still acting today. Woods is entertaining pertinent.

That will do it for us this week. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Labor Day and we'll see you back here Tuesday.

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