Friday, October 09, 2015

Friday Clippings: Feisty Media, The Jaquise Video And This Week's ABQ Turnout Trouble 

Martinez and Jon Barela
A bit more of a feisty media as the Martinez administration gets deeper into its second term. From public media outlet KRWG in Las Cruces:

In economically depressed New Mexico, job creation is a top priority for voters and politicians alike. To address the issue, the Martinez administration has increasingly used incentive programs. But studies from Ohio State University, Washington University and other institutions show incentives have little to no effect on long term job creation and are routinely given to companies that would have expanded in the area anyway. And that has some asking if incentives are less about economic development and more about politicians getting re-elected.

The Martinez administration could be losing some of its mojo because of the stagnant economy and the usual second term blues. That could help the Dems in next year's legislative elections. On the other hand, if voter turnout continues to drop the Republicans will be the beneficiary.


The March ABQ shooting death of 17 year old Jaquise Lewis over a fight over a skateboard at the Los Altos Skate Park is starting to remind us of the mysterious death of ABQ criminal defense attorney Mary Han. A reader writes about the delay in releasing cell phone video of the shooting taken by a witness:

Albuquerque is supposed to be dealing with a "new" APD, but nothing has changed. It is taking yet another IPRA lawsuit against the Berry Administration  and constant media pressure to pry this video loose. The public has a right to know what really happened that night. 

Meanwhile KOAT-TV reports:

Albuquerque police contend Lewis was shot in self-defense. In May, APD released stills from a cell phone video taken by a witness. . . Investigators concluded Lewis had a gun, started firing and was then shot in self-defense. That video has never been seen by the public.  But Lewis’ mother, Munah Green, claims she watched the video with her lawyer at APD headquarters. “What the video showed wasn’t how they explained it." Green said the video showed her son without a gun and running away from the chaos before he is shot in the back. Witnesses said they saw something similar that night. . .APD said the entire investigation would be handed over to the District Attorney by the end of September. But APD said the full investigation hasn’t been handed over, and the department expects it to be in (the DA's) hands in the next three weeks.

The Lewis family has filed a lawsuit seeking release of the cell phone video.


Reader Matt Runnels writes from Silver City on the low ABQ voter turnout for this week's ABQ election:

Apathy has always been winning in the last few decades. The most successful campaign I know of was the seat belt campaign. When my daughters were young they would say"Daddy put your seat belt on." They got it from school. Maybe we need to emulate it and start in elementary school and start them out young and get them involved in the process."You can't have a full time democracy with a part time citizenship" I always thought Winston Churchill said that, but now I'm not so sure. Whoever said it certainly nailed that. 

Thanks, Matt. This week's election had an eerie feel to it with only 8 percent of registered voters casting ballots. Hello, Albuquerque? Anybody home?

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