Monday, October 12, 2015

Hillary And New Mexico And A Columbus Day Pizza Rant  

You would think the currently unpredictable 2016 presidential nominating contests would be history by the time New Mexico's June primary rolls around, but this is a year when the pundits are suffering nervous breakdowns trying to figure things out, so it's best to sit tight and watch events unfold.

Hillary Clinton remains a popular figure in the state--dating to her husband's presidency--but Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden would not find Dem doors shut to any entreaties they might make here. If the campaign ever did make it here, Hillary's detractors would have fun with stuff like this making the rounds.

 "List of Things I Trust More Than Hillary Clinton" 

--Mexican tap water 
--A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby 
--Brian Williams' memory
--A Nigerian inheritance email
--A North Korean trial.

Hillary takes the humor seriously and is working aggressively to shore up her campaign after a clumsy start.

As for the R's, it really seems like a jump ball in New Mexico, with major players here biting their tongues until some of the smoke clears.


Chicago Deep Dish
Why waste your anger on the politicians? Here's ABQ newsman Dennis Domrzalski ranting on Facebook about something that truly matters:

(I am) sick of places that advertise Chicago style and deep dish pizzas that ain't any such thing. Frauds! A true Chicago pizza is is thin and pliable crust that is gooey and cheesy that is cut in squares so that you can take the middle pieces, fold them and swallow all the greasy goodness in one bite. Deep dish pizza is not a fluffy, bread-like crust with toppings on top. It's a dense crust with mountains of cheese on the bottom, followed by the meat and veggies and topped with pizza sauce. It is dense, it is heavy, it is gooey and cheesy and you can't eat it by hand. It is beautiful. The places in Albuquerque that say they make Chicago style pizza are frauds and liars.

What do you say we make Dennis the head of a new "Pizza Party?" It sure would increase voter turnout.

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