Friday, March 04, 2016

Federal APD Monitor Off The Reservation; Accuses City Of Policy "Delay, Do Little And Deflect," Plus: Susana Co-pilots Rubio Kamikaze Plane 

Chief Eden & Berry
Hey, doesn't the Federal Monitor charged with overseeing APD reforms get it? He's supposed to shut his mouth and take his orders from the political machine like everyone else.

James Ginger, the monitor, accused City Attorney Jessica Hernandez of, what he called, “delay, do little and deflect” tactics and said his relationship with her was “a little rougher than most” compared to other cities and states where Ginger oversaw reform. “I’m not trying to set off red lights and alarm bells just yet,” Ginger said in court on Thursday. “I’m willing to work it out. I’m a problem solver. That’s what I do.”

Now, don't anyone go asking Mayor Berry what he thinks about any of this. Everyone just hold the line and this Ginger guy will get with the program like the rest of us. More here.


Governor Martinez's decision to endorse Rubio over Trump for the GOP presidential nomination takes her off the hook for a while when it comes to answering embarrassing questions about the front-runner. This week she refused to say whether she would vote for Trump if he were the GOP nominee.. But it's hard to see the political sense of the endorsement, unless you think that it is really the brainchild of Martinez political consultant Jay McCleskey and his cohort Rich Beeson back East.

Both have close ties to the GOP establishment and make a pretty penny because of it. It works for them. And while it makes little political sense for Martinez to back Rubio now instead of six months ago, it may make future financial sense. She will not be the VP candidate and is not viable for an '18 US Senate run in the post-pizza party era. But as the nation's first Hispanic female governor, after she leaves office she should still be marketable for corporate boards, speech making etc. The GOP establishment can help so in that context Martinez's decision to co-pilot Rubio's kamikaze plane makes sense. Otherwise, not so much.

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