Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Clippings From Our Newsroom Floor 

Maybe ABQ should ask the Trump campaign to help it pay the bill:

APD had about 200 officers assigned and an estimated 8,000 people attended the rally. The city said the damages to public and private property by a few unruly members of the protests and the required overtime for the public safety personnel cost taxpayers at least $50,000.

We heard on one of the networks that the Trump campaign is open to picking up the tab for cities that have had to add extra security.

Maybe ABQ City Councilor Dan Lewis should be the one asking for the reimbursement. He was one of the few elected Republicans at the Trump rally. What that means to any campaign he launches for mayor next year is anyone's guess.

Here's an interesting Bernie Sanders-NM connection:

“I am a strong proponent of Sandia Lab as a matter of fact, I helped get a project in Vermont from Sandia Lab so I know a little bit about the lab,” Sanders said. “These national laboratories, not just Sandia, can play a very important role in new technology.”

Sanders generated a lot of attention and enthusiasm on his recent three stop NM swing, but insider polling following the trip did not show an appreciable bump in his support, making Hillary the likely winner of the June 7 primary.

We had blogged that we saw no Dem elected officials at the Sanders ABQ rally.  But ABQ State Sen. Cisco McSorley says he was there along with fellow ABQ Dem Senator Jerry Ortuz Y Pino. We were thinking statewide or full-time elected officials. Cisco wants to administer lashes with the wet noodle on us for this Sorry, Cisco, this minor mishap does not qualify or such stern punishment.

ABQ Journal newsman Dan Boyd noted that political "heavyweights" like Republican Governors Kasich and Walker and Senator Rubio and Jeb Bush all came to the defense of Gov. Martinez this week after she was attacked by Trump at his ABQ rally. We noted that all of them were trounced by Trump who knocked them out of the presidential race. Said Boyd: "Maybe vanquished heavyweights" is more like it.

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