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Election '16 Aftermath And Aftershocks 

A question we're getting in the wake of the Trump victory is why didn't his economic message resonate around here? After all New Mexico has one of the worst performing economic and job growth records in the nation .

The answer is that New Mexicans do not have the same economic expectations as the downtrodden Rust Belt states that were instrumental in Trump's win for the ages. The state's anemic economy has become a mainstay through the generations (although worse today in so many ways) and many explain it away with a wave of the hand and the declaration that "it has always been that way here." The attitude plays into the hands of the non activist politicians who can look the other way as the state loses population and prosperity.

In Michigan and Ohio they remember when their economies were the envy of the world with the highest wages on the planet. The good life was lived and it wasn't that long ago, They miss it and they remember. Not so here.


Will Trump in the White House mean fewer Dept. of Justice "consent decrees" to bring in line wayward police departments? That's highly likely. APD is under such a consent decree and is regularly criticized for ignoring its requirements. That may become even easier for them with Trump in charge.


The bitching is hot and heavy over the loss of Dem Ane Romero to GOP State Rep. Sarah Maestas Banes in that ABQ NE Heights swing district. Romero was an attractive candidate and a former staffer for Dem US Senator Martin Heinrich but she ran a lousy campaign and released her main charge of corruption against Maestas Barnes way too early.

But the complaining really centers on some in organized labor and several prominent Democrats openly supporting Maestas Barnes. There was no one around to stop it or discipline them for breaking party ranks, unless you think Senator Heinrich should have stepped in to save his former employee from members of his own party. Something to think about.


We had it wrong when we blogged Wednesday that Dem Bill Tallman was the first D to win the ABQ NE Heights state Senate seat held by GOP Sen Lisa Torraco. He beat her in a tight race and Kim Hillard notes:

I worked on Mark Boitano's senate campaign in the 90's when he decisively defeated Democrat State Senator Ann Riley for the District 18 seat. She had defeated a Republican 4 years before.


Former NM House Speaker David Norvell, who served in the 1960's, mused over our note that 40 year old Rep. Brian Egolf would be one of the youngest House speakers:

I am curious about the youngest Speaker of the House. I was 34 when I assumed that position in January of 1969. I am curious if someone held that position at a younger age than that? I am pleased that Representative Egolf will assume that position.

Dave, we think you may be the youngest ever, at least in the last 60 years. Raymond Sanchez was young when he assumed the position. Maybe he can help out on who was the youngest ever. (Norvell went on to serve as NM attorney general).


Turnout for the election was healthy but not historic. A bit under 800,000 went to the polls, matching our pre-election estimate. That represents about 61 percent of the state's 1.3 million registered voters.


News on Gov. Martinez and Trump:

The two-term Republican governor, who voted for Trump, attributed his win to general disenchantment among voters.

But here's the reality check. During the heat of the campaign in mid October when asked by KOAT-TV if she would be voting for Trump she refused to answer. Now that it is safe for her to say so and Trump is the president-elect, Martinez claims she voted for him. And that's a reality check.

And here's typical gubernatorial denial you get when they turn in to unpopular lame ducks like Susana:

Martinez says a lot of House districts were swayed by a few hundred votes or less and that she was able to get things done previously with a Democrat-dominated Legislature. Martinez says she is in contact with the Democratic House floor leader Brian Egolf so that they can work together.

Yeah, they're going to work together. Like dogs and cats.

And what was the Governor doing calling her successful revenge campaign against State Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez "historic"? Well, if you consider a governor personally authorizing her political machine to go and spend as much as they need to in order to satisfy her appetite for vindictiveness, then we guess it was historic.


Activist Silvio Dell'Angela writes of the controversial ABCQ rapid bus plan being built down Central Avenue and that was on the Tuesday ballot:

One thing you left out in your post Wednesday was the 76% of ABQ voters who approved the advisory measure asking if they wanted to vote on Mayor Berry's ART project. That essentially says they oppose ART. Does this Mayor give one damn about people who do not want his legacy to waste jammed down our throats? Apparently not. See the city’s arrogant response to ART’s rejection by voters:

“Mayor Richard Berry was undeterred. “With contracts and federal commitments in place and construction activities in full swing,” a mayoral spokeswoman said, “it does not make sense to do anything but move forward with this transformational opportunity for the future of our city.”

Shouldn’t this vote send a message to Washington DC that they should not fund ART as originally planned and also a strong message to the federal judge who is hearing the appeal from the disgusted taxpayers here?

This arrogant City response reminds us once again that the next task for voters is to drain the swamp in this corrupt city government.


Here's some bizarre thinking on ART from the city's upper crust, the kind of thinking that has voters revolting and making possible the presidency of Donald Trump.

Merritt Hamilton Allen of (PR Firm) Vox Optima LLC said she finds referendums personally upsetting, similar to "firing a grenade" into the existing government process. "I think I would simply reinforce the fact that it did pass the City Council,"Allen said. "We have elections on City Council and County Commission to enact laws. I think we take a key power away from them by doing this."

Right. God forbid the people take power away from the political class who get their power from them. Who needs constitutional government by the people when we have so many great politicos to lead us, as they are with ART?  Just when are those pesky peasants going to settle down and get on the bus already?

Thanks to all who helped us with our Election Night broadcast and the election blogs this week. And thank you for your continued interest and support.

Reporting from ABQ, I'm Joe Monahan

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