Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Photo Blogging And Hanna's DC Detour Apparently Dead 

Sens. Smith and Wirth
You might call them "Co-Majority Leaders." The one with the actual title is liberal Dem Senator Peter Wirth of Santa Fe, but conservative Dem Sen. John Arthur Smith of Deming holds at least as much sway, if not more when it comes to economic policy.

That's why the tax package the Senate and House sent the Governor does not include a politically popular increase in the income tax for the "one percenters." That would help bail out the budget. Instead, Smith ushered through a ten cent a gallon boost in the unpopular gas tax. It made sense from a policy perspective but the Governor will veto the gas tax, claiming she is again sparing "hard working New Mexicans."  Could she say the same if she cast a veto against a very modest income tax increase on the wealthiest taxpayers?

Wouldn't it have been best for the Dems to include a bit of both in that package--the gas tax and the boost on the one percenters? Yes, but with "Co-Majority Leader" Smith unchallenged and controlling just enough other conservative Democratic votes to prevent passage, it was not to be. The tax policy they came up with wasn't bad but without something for those "hard working families" the Dems bombed in the messaging department.

Photo: Eddie Moore, ABQ Journal.


One of our Senior Alligators (accuracy rate 99%) had it pretty much on the mark when he told us back in November that controversial NM Sec. of Education Hanna Skandera was planning to bolt to DC for a nice job with the federal Dept. of Education. Our report was shot down by Skandera, but Politico then reported she was indeed under consideration. Now comes word that Skandera is apparently stuck here and all those teachers who don't care for her are stuck with her. Conservative Senate Republicans, reportedly upset with her over her support of Common Core standards for education, have nixed her move to DC, again according to Politco.

That news is certainly devastating for Skandera who has close ties to the Bush political dynasty but none to the ruling Trump family. And it bodes poorly for Gov. Martinez if she pursues a ticket out of here via Trump. Martinez refused to endorse Trump for president and he is known to hold a grudge. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if word arrived soon that the White House had a hand in cancelling Hanna's escape from the Land of Entrapment.


Reader Marc writes:

Joe, how about something positive?  Take a look at the Best View in NM as reported by Travel and Leisure magazine...and it's in Albuquerque!

We like it, Marc. That view is nicely above the carjackings and the ART traffic jams.

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