Thursday, April 20, 2017

Another Edition Of Vox Populi; Readers Opine On Lack Of Leadership, Mayor's Race And Racist Politics  

Time for another edition of reader Vox Populi where our very informed readers opine on the issues of the day in our beloved Land of Enchantment.

Martinez administration critic Michael Corwin writes with his latest thoughts:

New Mexico lacks leaders and that's the main reason for the dire straights that we are in. At a time when so many other states have managed to not just come out of the Great Recession, but to thrive, we are plummeting to depths never seen.

APS middle school athletics being cut and the number of instruction days being reduced are among detrimental actions to our kids that are now very real possibilities. Yet, no one is challenging how Susana Martinez and Public Education Secretary Hanna Skandera have redistributed the way education dollars are spent, siphoning money from school districts to be handed out by PED to entities with connections to Skandera. 

Although always partisan, the ABQ Journal used to take seriously its role of holding public officials accountable. But no more. It has devolved into nothing more than providing cover for Martinez no matter how wrong her actions. The business community, which is supposed to be pushing for a better economy, are lap dogs only.

The Democrats. How many regular New Mexicans can identify by name our Democratic elected officials? Who among them regularly takes their message straight to the public? And where are the ideas? The Republicans. Who among them in the state House voted to override Martinez's veto of teacher sick leave? Staying in office has become the goal, when what we need are those in office using the office to make New Mexico better. The bottom line is that New Mexico needs true leaders. Ones willing to speak out for what is best for our state and our future. We're waiting


Mayoral candidate Brian Colón slammed the Berry administration for losing out when tech giant Hulu chose San Antonio over ABQ for a customer service center. An anonymous reader responded:

Brian Colón may think he's taking a stand by poking the Berry Administration over the loss of the Hulu call center to San Antonio, but what he actually did was admit that he supports the tired old strategy of attracting more call centers as an economic development plan for our City. Those low-benefit, low-paying jobs have never advanced New Mexico's economy as promised. The corporations running those call centers look for the cheapest place to do business and will pack up and move away from your town the moment it gets expensive for them. Hey, Brian, will you grow a spine and fire the city's failed economic development salesman, Gary Oppedahl, when you're mayor or will you sit down with him for tea and cookies like you plan to do with APD Chief Gorden Eden?

This mayoral race is going to be a lot of fun, no?


Reader Levi Fetty writes of something he's watching when it comes to the '18 Guv race:

I wouldn't count out a wealthy Republican candidate announcing their candidacy for Governor of New Mexico. He or she may look at the Dem front-runner and decide the monies raised to date by Rep. Lujan Grisham are paltry in comparison to their own personal wealth.

Reader Jamie Estrada sends this newspaper clip where former NM Gov. Bill Richardson is said to have his nose under the tent in New Hampshire when it comes to the 2020 presidential race. Not that he's running, but. . .

Democratic State Senator Lou D’Allesandroro said he has also been in contact with former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, who ran for president in 2008.


We published a reader comment April 13 that argued the ABQ congressional seat being vacated by Dem Rep, Michelle Lujan Grisham would best be served by "a person of color." It came in response to the entry into the race of Dem ABQ City Councilor Pat Davis and brought vigorous push back, including from longtime Dem Fred Moran:

Geez Joe, The references to race and gender in that piece is just amazing. No less than 6-7 times in the first paragraph was "person of color" or "woman" touted as the ideal candidate for the CD1 congressional seat being vacated by Michelle Lujan Grisham. These terms have become buzz words in the State's Democratic Party. So now lets throw "progressive" into the mix and run it up the flag pole. In my honest opinion, if you voted for Hillary in the primary, you are neoliberal not progressive.

Since when do Americans choose their leaders based on gender or race? I thought that by now we would have, as a political party, matured and stopped baiting those demographics. We should choose candidates based on their qualifications for the position period. Have we learned nothing from 2016?

And former Dem State Rep. Bob Perls chimed in:

Joe, I found the e-mail you posted regarding CD-1 to be not only offensive, but so wrong on so many levels. The reader seems to believe that a white male is inherently unable to represent CD-1. I don’t know Pat Davis and this is not about him, this is about racist politics in its worst form. How about we nominate and elect a smart, honest person who grew up and spent most of their life in the Albuquerque area? Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell are so hyper-partisan that they have come to be the poster children for all that is wrong in DC. And we are supposed to nominate a person who will fit in with and be a supplicant for Nancy Pelosi? How did that work out for all the Bernie supporters? The Democratic Party is for diversity only when it suits leadership’s needs. They are about power, not equal representation. Same goes for the Republican Party.

How about a really thoughtful, independent-minded New Mexican who will simply do the right thing all the time for all of New Mexico? Being mired in partisan politics in DC seems to make that all but impossible. That is what progressives and all New Mexicans should be fighting for. 

This is the home of New Mexico politics.

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