Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Embattled New Mexico Republican Party Chairwoman Ramsay Gorham threw in the towel today and resigned the chairmanship and also announced she will not seek reelection to her ABQ North Valley State Senate she has held for eight years. The resignation comes on the heels of increased pressure on Gorham who has been embroiled in a bitter battle with the forces of former State Chair John Dendahl who recently called on her to withdraw from her senate seat because she had a Republican challenger.

Bill Humphries, former state land commissioner and first vice chair of the state GOP will serve as acting chair until the GOP State Central Committee meets to name a permanent chair. The Gorham departure does not necessarily mean the party's deep wounds will be healed. Observers were saying Wednesday that the Gorham resignation could set off another full-fledged battle for control between the Dendahlites and their opposition.

Ramsay went out with a bang, saying in an email: "Recently, a few discontented members of the State Central Committee have issued a Call for a meeting in Roswell. This improperly issued “Official Call” is a total disenfranchisement of the State Central Committee’s vote for Chairman. A year ago, we waged a strong campaign and the Central Committee voters chose me to be Chairman, knowing beforehand of my Senate responsibilities. This once again is an example of the kind of tactics used by a small minority of people to hurt the party. This continuous subterfuge by people who profited by the party under former Chairman John Dendahl has hurt the party because their actions were based on money."

The Gorham resignation was prompted by "her being tired of the whole mess," said a source close to her. Her departure will not be mourned by the Republican National Committee and the Bush re-election campaign in NM, which has been at odds with her for months on how the Prez's re-election bd should be run here and what role the state party should have in it.

Also, Democrats were licking their chops saying that Gorham's senate seat, considered safe Republican, is now in play and they think they can take it back.

The Republican Party of New Mexico is in a state of crisis with no apparent leadership poised to come forward and fill the vacuum.
The crisis was not resolved by the Bush White House which now has the most riding on the eventual outcome. Will someone finally step forward and exercise the leadership so desperately needed to bring peace? Stay tuned.

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